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  1. Thank you for answer but may be the problem is that the Paypal account is my husband's account, we use it both and at Virwox I didn´t have any problem... I think Im going to create my own account on Paypal if that doesn't work then I think I stop with SL.. to many years in here...
  2. I'm asking the same.. is there any other service to withdraw to paypal? In the past I used Virwox without any problem but it can't be used now... I try Lindex first I have to pay some dollars to start the "waiting game"... then I "process the credit" and wait... and wait ... and wait... almost 10 days ... then I got a mail saying they can't process my request... try in another 2 weeks more...
  3. But I'm confused I search for "gor" without moderate/adult content included and I can see a lot of items with Gor or Gorean in the item name, some have an almost nude girl
  4. Brooke Linden said: If you have a listing that is getting incorrectly flagged, add the URL to PJIRA WEB-3583. This PJIRA will be looked at on Monday, and a new one will be created for the next set of listings that need to be reviewed. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3583
  5. Maybe LL is going to forbid Gor roleplay... The keywords are not visible for the normal costumer I know its easy if you want to see them, but they are not visible normally so the merchant can reach gorean players who are looking for G items for their roleplay I can't find the pjira Brook talk about items rated wrong someone have the link? thanks
  6. Lets make a separate grid for teens!!!
  7. Well I hope gorean role players know that now they have to look for "medieval or rustic" I think almost nothing is going to be "gorean" in the MK now. And "Rapa" how this word can be black listed (what it means rapa)??? How can I sell "Rapa Nui" clothes then, in Chile we call the island Rapa Nui or Isla de pascua just now I can't think of any alternative I'm going to sleep? I think LL its not worried for the "teens" the problem is with adults saying that LL allows the teens to see adult content... Where I can find the pjira that Brooke talk about?... and I didn't get the mail either
  8. Help! with this two... I can find what is wrong! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anyu-Rapa-Nui-Hombre-box/508517 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anyu-Rapa-Nui-Mujer-box/508528
  9. But It can't be this way! if I remove those keywords I lose an important part of my costumers and it's not fair that I can't sell my items to teens my items are "general" I think we have allowed to change the maturity rate. Its only that now its not working
  10. Can I change the maturity rate of my items? I have some items marked as "moderate" and one "adult" but my items are all "general"... no nudity or violence. Some are belly dance costumes but no "silks", they are like real belly dance tribal style costumes, but I use "kajira" keyword because I think It can be used for roleplay. should I delete any keyword relate to gor ? (sorry my english) edit: I can't change the maturity rates now they go back to "moderate" or "adult"
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