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    I'm pretty sure the beta is over and you need to download the new firestorm
  2. I think any fund raiser in SL is just as if not more legit than any in RL....there is very little cost to do a fund raiser in SL unlike RL where most of the money raised only goes to advertising and other things...here in the US nonprofits only have to donate a very small % of the money they raise on the actual thing they raised the money for in the first place...most of the money you give goes into paper work, advertising, and multi-million dollar paychecks for the CEO and other top level employees...the people in need may never see a cent.....people say give money but you can't eat or drink money...do you want to help for real or feel good because you paid some company money but did no real work?..... if you want to help buy food, bottle water, tents, blankets then mail it all to a local charity, church, temple, or mosque in the place that is in need.... or if you have family or know someone with family there mail it to them... that way you know you did some real good with your money and you didn't help fill up a greedy CEO's wallet
  3. ty...i just tried again and it looks like i can buy now
  4. i tried to buy some land (mainland) earlier today and i couldn't...got a message saying that the system couldn't fetch the land info...i tried in more than one region and the same thing happened each time...i am premium so i can own land and have before...is this because of:  http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/land/blog/2010/06/25/planned-auction-maintenance ...do i have to wait until july 7th before i can buy land?
  5. are you underage and were on the main grid...or are you an adult that was playing in the teen grid ...your OP doesn't say...your best bet is to start from scratch and don't lie this time oops..just read through more posts and see your claiming your a teen...just start over...or try another game until your old enough to play on the main grid....i really doubt LL will be very helpful in solving your issue....good luck
  6. the make up is part of the skin ...however if you have a higher quality skin you can change it somewhat if the the skinner makes so you can do modificationst...your shape doesn't change with the skin...only the shading changes and depending on the skin your look may be completely different even if your wearing the same shape...making your own skins might be the way to go if your looking to save money
  7. what u might want to do is get a mac min or something similar....if u already have a flat screen, a keyboard, and a portable or stand alone disc drive... they are fairly portable if u don't mind dragging all the extras along ...they are affordable and would fit within ur price range...prolly more powerful than any laptop u can get at the same price ...u get the best of both worlds...u get something small and easily carried from place to place and u get the the power and durability of a desktop...u would have to install a new OS if u don't like leopard
  8. what veritable said...now for the ION its basically the same as a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M so u shouldn'tt have any trouble at all running SL in any viewer...u just the small screen factor to worry about...most of the viewers i have used have the bottom of the screen cutoff...with emerald u get a full screen but i can't get music or media to play...so u should try out several different viewers to see what works best for u ION video
  9. it looks like u might be right there i haven't looked at macs in over a year...too lazy to right now so i'll trust u...the prices are going up and the quality is going down ...nooooooooooo
  10. if u need something thats portable then buy a nice cheap net book ...then buy a good desk top for ur main computer...do that if ur just looking to go cheap....now if money isn't an object and u rlly rlly want a laptop then i would buy a mac book or a mac book pro so u can get the best looking graphics ...don't get less that 4 gigs of ram.and make sure to get one with an intel cpu or anything thats not the apple special...unless u know without a doubt u will never change the OS then the apple one is ok i guess..i have a mac book as my main computer i haven't had any problems with it yet and its almost 2 years old..and it gets heavy use... lap tops aren't going to burn out any faster than a desk top if u treat them well...but u have to be very anal about it...i thinkng i might have ocd when it come to my mac ...keep it dust free and don't let it get over heated...have some way to cool it down if it gets too hot NEVER just turn it off let it cool down slowly while its still running...don't let ur long haired cat sleep on the keyboard...don't drop it...one of things that can destroy a good lap top is the pounding on the keyboard...so if ur at home u should never touch its keyboard...use a usb cheapy that u can unplug and leave at home or if u take it with u if its lost no big deal... don't smoke around ur laptop...if u actually take ur computer outside...which is a big no no...but i do it all the time...make sure u have a well padded case and bag for it (mine doubles as my pillow when i'm camping)...when u come back inside take some extra time to clean it...if u keep it looking like its brand new u can get a lot of life out of it...15- 20 hours in SL usually before i start thinking of doing a reboot...the only bad thing about using a mac i can think of is u can't only log onto one SL viewer at a time so u wouldn't be able to run an alt at the same time as ur main and the ridiculous price u will have to pay for one....good luck its always fun shopping for a new computer and all the cool accessories u will have to get too =) PS if u can u should get a laptop without any kind of disc drive and buy an external dvd drive...all laptop disc drives suck
  11. idk but i have wondered the same thing about blog alts ...one account on the blogs please at least don't use an alt to post in the same thread ur main does...i think everyone knows the ones that are doing it...it doesn't take a sherlock holmes to figure it out who the alts rlly are...my modified emerald viewer shows that u have the same id key as "ur name here"....lol
  12. hi idk if u are using a wireless mouse or not but if u are make sure that nothing is blocking ur usb insert from ur mouse....i have had some trouble like u mentioned too and after clearing everything that was in the way off my desk it cleared up...hope this helps
  13. don't worry about it she sounds like she is disturbed...from what was posted u didn't do anything wrong...one thing that would have turned me off is that u called her dear... using dear usually is a tell tell sign someone might be older...i always think dear as some thing my grandma would say...so maybe she was threatened because she thought u were being too nice and maybe an old perv....even though any reasonable person can clearly see that u were just being polite...was something missing what was she going to report u for?
  14. hi...it sounds likeu might need to rebake....Ctrl +Alt+r should fix it...or mabe u are growing chest hair....lol stay off the roids...lol
  15. are you sure u transfered it to the right account...double check and make sure u didn't make a typo....you can file a ticket...u have to use special questions - basic or guest login ticket...look in the help tab and select the submit ticket.... copy and paste ur transaction history for the transaction or write the name of the 2 accounts u did the transfer between and describe ur issue just like u did here ....good luck hopefully u didn't send money to a person with a similar name
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