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  1. Ebbe Linden wrote: It's sad that we lost your trust. Obviously I will do what I can to regain that trust. I have no intent to steal your content. It saddens me too, Ebbe. I want to emphasize that I trust you, and all the Lindens I've met, personally on this. The problem is that no matter how much I trust you, in order to use the service I had to agree that you could take all my stuff. Align the legal with the intent and I'll be back in a heartbeat. I know that may be easier said than done, but somebody actually went to the effort to break that trust; the previous version of the TOS was fine, and so far as I know no third-party site had problems with it either. This isn't something the community suddenly discovered it had a problem with; this is something that Linden Lab went out and did, didn't announce, and when we discovered that it'd been changed in the metaphorical dead of night we felt betrayed. There is speculation that this was done in order to let us sell our content on Desura. If that's the case, then we have the communication problem again, and also we have a disconnect between what rights are needed for Second Life and what's needed for Desura. If we need to give you more rights to provide more services, then let us opt into those services and cede the rights then. For those of us who just want to build experiences in SL, the old "necessary for the operation of the platform" should cover it, shouldn't it? You don't need rights "for any purpose whatsoever" if there's only one purpose we're agreed on. I want to trust the Lab again, Ebbe. Give me an excuse.
  2. I'm still getting up to speed on that topic. I've had several discussions about it. It's not a simple topic. Trust me. It's not becuase we have an intent to arbitrarily profit from your stuff without your permission. That would be very bad for us as we're all about user to user. We could seriously harm ourselves if we started doing that. That's the real problem, Ebbe. The trust I had in Linden Lab has been squandered. So many apparently well-intentioned moves have turned into messes that were dumped on the customers to clean up that I, at least, no longer can trust the Lab. The prior TOS seemed to be fine for years. What changed that the Lab needed to take additional rights?
  3. Funny, both engineering and product heads here also didn't like that jira was closed and want to open it up again. Proposal for how is in the works! I hope we can figure out how to do that in a way that works/scales soon. Welcome news, Ebbe. Even opening it up read-only would be a huge improvement.
  4. Caleb, fixing VWR-13228 in BlueSteel changes current behavior, but there's nothing recent in the JIRA about how. Can we get some documentation on this fix?
  5. Thaks, Maestro. Some of us have enough technical savvy to reset our clocks, and so understand that things do not always go as planned.
  6. Huzzah for JSON! (Yes, I'm easy to please. Or a technical fetishist.)
  7. It describes what I hope it will do. Give how broken llTeleportAgent turned out to be, I'm having trouble holding on to my optimism.
  8. You didn't miss anything; most of this has been under NDA.
  9. LeTigre and BlueSteel are getting some prepratation work for the long awaited experience permissions. Jack Abraham does the Snoopy dance. They didn't forget us!
  10. If one exists, the creator has found one of the holy grails of SL scripting. I'd pay good money to know how it's done.
  11. Hitomi, surely you understand that any bug or feature mentioned by any resident anywhere on any medium must be immediately gang tackled by all Lindens, including HR and finance, or it proves that they don't care one iota about Second Life's long term stability. (Though if we had read access to JIRA it'd help the sane ones feel better.)
  12. Sayrah, that already exists in the region settings.
  13. I'd feel more comfortable shopping on the Marketplace if all merchants had to be PIOF or, better yet, Premium. If listers had to be Premium and their items were de-listed if they lapsed, that'd also help clean out some cruft.
  14. Oskar, did some main channel regions restart twice? I got an unexpected restart at home. Not a problem, just curious.
  15. Can any body actually make sense of these release notes for 3.4.0? Without JIRA links, I have no way to tell if the issues I'm interested in have been resolved, never mind determine what behavior may have changed. Here's my equally useful version, just for laughs: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus eget ligula non massa tincidunt consequat. Duis dapibus lectus quis tortor tempor eu semper enim porttitor. Sed nec metus purus. Suspendisse justo ante, fringilla et blandit id, luctus sed nunc. Nunc commodo sollicitudin arcu fermentum faucibus. Nam commodo scelerisque tortor, ut varius metus pretium id. Sed aliquam, erat eget pellentesque mollis, urna justo consequat neque, commodo rutrum est libero non nulla. Aliquam ut lorem arcu, nec pharetra dui. Mauris nisl nisl, facilisis quis molestie vel, sollicitudin et purus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce nibh neque, fringilla at pretium eu, ultricies ac justo. Quisque a luctus nibh. Aliquam fringilla cursus quam non dapibus. Duis laoreet placerat urna, vel tempor elit lobortis nec. Nullam dictum vulputate dolor, sed suscipit neque luctus in. Quisque pharetra facilisis eros nec imperdiet. Duis sodales, risus ut convallis cursus, purus massa facilisis felis, in laoreet purus lorem non dui. Ut nisi ante, mattis eget ullamcorper quis, tincidunt porta orci. Mauris in lacus vitae orci tristique euismod sit amet quis nunc. Nunc et aliquam lectus. Aliquam eu ornare ligula. Pellentesque accumsan enim id sem pharetra viverra. Donec dictum ipsum at neque ullamcorper aliquam congue sapien dictum.
  16. I predict a proliferation of duplicate JIRA reports. I'll certainly report anything that seems even the slightest bit wonky now, because that will be the only way to see any kind of status on the issue and know when and how to adjust my scripting activities to work around it. Really, I don't usually go WTF when the Lindens do something like this but... What the **bleep**?
  17. Zephyr, this reads to me as "I've done the easy part; why won't someone do the hard part for me?"
  18. Let me be the first to say "Huzzah!" atthe release of these three long-awaited features.
  19. Hardware failures suck, Oskar. Especially ones with no redundancy. Thanks for letting us know what happened here and dealing with it in your usual fast and professional manner (and no, that's not sarcasm).
  20. Wolf, did you apply for the experience tools beta? It might not be too late to ask.
  21. Kenn, I use a third-party plugin with BBedit; I used Bare Bones' free version with it for years before upgrading to the full BBedit. Might be worth checking out. You should be able to find the plugin downloads on the wiki.
  22. Wolf, I've never been reluctant to report what seems to be a duplicate. If it is, it'll get closed as such. If it's not, it's reported. The thing is to get it into the tools of the people who know these things, who do not read the $@##&!!! forums. A bug not reported in the bug tracker might as well not exist. A bug that is reported, even badly and as a duplicate, might get addressed. Incidentally, I'm a non-programmer, and I'd much rather use JIRA than these forums.
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