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  1. Just an example of what I have do now that LL has decided to make things more DIFFICULT for tier payors. If I choose one of my CC for automatic withdrawal on my tier, if I have a paypal amount to add to t hat, i have to cash out of paypal and send it to my bank (process can take a few days), then go to my bank withdraw that cash and make that payment to my CC balance as quickly as possible so I don't end up using it for other billing. All this instead of just paying from my pay pal to my USD limit directly. I also pretty much have to isolate that one credit card just for SL transactions now so that there is enough to cover tier on it. I'm not real happy about that.
  2. Do you mean our account page? because all I find under Increase Limit is links to buy lindens. One, I just want to set money aside for my Island Tier, NOT buy lindens. And Two, I used to increase my USD limit from multiple sources through the month, making sure that money was set aside for tier and didn't get spent on other items, it was not all conveniently in one place to be auto with drawn from. I've spent thousands in USD tier to LL over the years, but it seems that instead of making things better for their loyal tier paying customers, they are making things worse
  3. Well SL has taken away the ability to INCREASE CREDIT (put real money) on you SL account now, and I don't know why. I have an ISLAND to pay for each month and I usually just up my USD level on my account using different sources, not all the same single source, and by putting it there on my SL account it's nice and ready for my tier without my accidently spending it for something else. Now, I have to scramble to pull together money and get it all consolodated into one outside format which is really difficult.. I'm really upset because I've been a private region owner for years and this totally screws me over on a lot of levels in trying to keep up with my island tier. Now I either have to buy lindens (pay fees for that) so i can convert it to USD, just so I can pay that to LL for my Tier, or madly try and get income from a half dozen different tiny sources together into one source for LL to auto deduct from that LL is screwing over tier payors by doing this. Are they trying to double dip by making us buy lindens and then using those converted lindens for tier ??? Cuz that's how it seems.
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