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  1. mff i would love some sexy dances so we can dance together, a hud would be great. i dont know how to make 1. any suggestions?
  2. you were right thank you for your help
  3. thank you so much it worked!!
  4. ty but on the new viewer there is no + sign but i will try this.
  5. Hi, how do i add new picks on this new viewer...i really dont think i like it.
  6. Feel free to contact me in world. aj bizet love dancing,clubbing,just talking and hanging out.
  7. hi jarrod1, i am always looking for someone to hang around with.
  8. Hi, lets go exploring or clubbing!!
  9. Hi Adam, I tried to im you in world but couldnt find you..lol..so if you want to go dancing let me know!!
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