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  1. Well, never mind! I figured it out...unlike prims where separate faces are highlighted when you choose Select Face, not so with meshes. I just clicked the bow and colored it...happy girl! And pretty proud of my rigging, texturing attempt. Thank you again!
  2. Yes, materials are indexed. The mesh I upload is one item, ie, it doesn't allow me to choose separate faces or parts. Guess I'll play with Seymour again :matte-motes-grin:. Thanks for your answer and time! Much appreciated.
  3. I'm getting pretty handy with Blender thanks to some great tuts (thanks Gaia!) and just plain sticking with it. So I now have mesh pants, rigged, with a bow at the waist . Two materials have been assigned, one to the pants, one to the bow. The pants have a uv map, the bow has a uv map. (they were created separately, then joined.) Uploaded to beta grid, everything is great. Now how do I assign two different textures to the pants and bow separately? I know I'm just missing some concept about assigning texture zones I can't quite grasp. Thank you!
  4. Yay! I retook the test from within Adit via the upload dialogue and all is good now! I now know the answers by heart.
  5. Same issue here - PIOF and tutorial requirements met. Changed my password, waited to next day. My account appears to have synched to Aditi, but still not allowed to upload models.
  6. I've finished the tutorial and also have my PIOF, but get the warning message on the model upload window. No problems uploading mesh to main grid. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Thanks!
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