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  1. OK, checked under land management/mainland and yes, its there. Gemella 40,158 Size 2992, so it is Public. So, I need to get with Linden Labs in an online chat window and get this resolved? I figured it was something i didnt click properly. As for being on 7 months, heh, i logged in, in january, and didnt play again til april, so i'm a relative Noob. THanks to all who answered, and I will update you on how this works out. Elric
  2. Yes, I bought it from someone, not renting. I also did the "give up your current" land thing way before purchasing it. So I have a LL now on the land but they are not subtracting the land you get from being a premium member. I appreciate all the help on this and will mark each answer with appropriate kudos, but it will be a bit, got to get my rear to work.
  3. Hi, I bought some land in SL from someone.  I have gave up my free home from the Premium membership plan completely and I am wondering why the land credits from premium membership arent applying towards my montly "rent" on the land? Is there something I was supposed to do to apply the land credits so my montly bill will be lowered? Thanks for any help, Elric Silverweb
  4. Seems a bit unfair, they drained my bank fast enough, and now i wait 45 days? laf, just like the real world
  5. Thanks, I think, 45 friggin days? I assumed it would be instant, i need to tip these DJ's dangit. Not sure if I read it fully, but that signup bonus seems a bit misleading.
  6. Sorry, to bother, I paid for prem, and my account says i am a prem member, but I haven't seen any sign up bonus linden, and i'm still broke.  Do I have to click on something to get it?
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