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  1. In the last several days, I've made several marketplace orders each day. About 40% of those orders are non-deliveries. I haven't been sweating it, as they seemed to have the [quote]1 item failed with the error: Second Life communications timeout This item wasn't delivered - No charge for undelivered items[/quote] Worked out. Since the 29th though, 50% non-delivery, and No "undelivered' message. Oh sure, I can file a complaint something for each one..What a Pain in the butt! See how long you would last in the RL with an e-commerce system like this.
  2. I've read we are not suppose to talk about the names of avatars. I don't believe business names are excluded. Banning is a like a sexual rush for estate owners.
  3. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.
  4. /me folds his arms "hmmf thanks for hijacking my thread!" But it one person needs to make serious debug adjustments on a viewer, what's the point? Will this mesh hair look bad for others? I will test it with an alt on the SL viewer next time I see it.
  5. Yes I am on something they call a beta: Firestorm FUI Beta although everyone who logs in on Firestorm is encouraged to upgrade to this. I do zoom around, usually I am taking pics. I will try the zoom in and out thing next time. I see about 3 avatars a week like this. Forum won't let me upload pictorial evidence.
  6. Every few days, I see a young lady who's hair is not right. Bald spots on the head. Hair missing entirely, or most of the head gone! I send a note to the individual, and often they suggest I need a mesh viewer, or its not rezzed for "me" yet. Well, 1) I am on Firestorm 4.0.1 which I understood was a "mesh viewer", and 2) They stay that way for 20+ minutes and 3) Everyone else looks fine to me. Usually when I suggest the individual get another opinion, they do and then run off to fix the hair, so I am thinking its not just me. Once I was told she had both mesh hair and a mesh skirt, and I saw the skirt just fine. So am I nuts? Or is it possible some mesh objects is not working right?
  7. Haha, thats what you get for living in the guetto (Linden Land). And you're paying for premium as well? You can auto-return their stuff can't you, or is there a bug with that if its only partially over your land?
  8. Victoria, you are entitied to some consideration and support for the time and effort you put into this relationship. After all, a day in SL is like a year in RL. You need to find out if he bought any property during that day. You are entitled to 1/2 of any property he acquired after you partnered. Also, if you don't have a steady job in sl, you really should look at some support from him. Did you happen to get pregnant shortly before or after you were partnered? Need to consider child support as well. Give me a call. --- Scout Schwager SL Divorce Attorney
  9. I would say yes to "To Kill a Mockingbirg" but then someone reminded me that "Scout" was the young girl character. So now I am just the "Scout Master"
  10. Oh God, how about the girls who use the excuse of being hit on by rude men, to put all sorts of rude, vulgar and "You're not good enough for me" messages in their profile? Long lists of their requirements and expectations. Gee am I good enough for her? Prob not, and I could care less! haha "I am not interested in meeting any men" - that would do it for me without all the 'drama"
  11. I just had a nice chat with morgan adamski and she demo'd for me some skin tints for Lola's she has done. They matched some skins she had perfectly
  12. You voice, not to "verify", but as a every day thing. Why wouldn't you? People will try to suggest histerical things like voice can be faked or somone else brough in to voice. How silly is that? Voice with someone for 30 min, and you will know. Then voice with them every time you meet. If they don't want to voice, they are married IMHO.
  13. Really you should already know your market even before you think about entering it. You don't know now the biggest clubs in sl?
  14. Voice - many ladies don't want to. It helps to be single in rl. Be bi-sexual or bi-flexible, guys like that. Be open to Polyamory. It may not be realistic to expect a one on one. If you can do these things, say so in your profile.
  15. Supposed to be able to do that, I've never figured it out myself but. I find it works well for me to load the animations as separate menu items, so I can change them when I want. I know its not elegant, and sometimes you want the changes to be automated. Try the MLPV wiki? But it seems to be gone now? hmm
  16. Yes I see that, thanks. Phoenix viewer does have an "Animations" console that shows the animation being invoked. But it only has the UUID, as you say, not the original name.
  17. Thanks, but no. Thats showing data on, positions relating to the avatar. There is no display of the name of the animation being forced upon the avatar! Hmm a bit of a freedom of information issue here!
  18. Ok I'm on a poseball, my avi is playing an animation invoked from a menu. In viewer 1 I remember there was a way to find the name of the animation that was being played. Can't find it in V2 or Firestorm. Not the name of the menu selection, but the name of the animation invoked by the menu choice. thanks
  19. IM me next year when you are 18yo, I may have a job for both of you.
  20. I found a "Fencing" game in a French sim. Jousting?
  21. I have not seen a post on that. But, registering a 'billing' address online for any prepaid card will help. Online merchants use an address verification service (AVS) when somone makes a purchase with a credit or debit card. For Gift cards that do not have registered addresses AVS will reply with codes for (address not found/gift card). This is a signal to any merchant that the potential for fraud is high.
  22. IMHO, any talk of "land values" and "Linden Market Rates" and such, are merely Role Play, as are most things in SL. People talking of earing money in SL are in RP. Like the escorts who say they make "1,000L per hour" (maybe they work for 30 min every week, or month!) You can earn more per hour working at McDonalds, and its in US Dollars. I know dollars aren't worth much, but you can buy tangible things with them. And keep in mind Linden Lab (LL) can make as much 'land' available as they care to. Its not in their interest to make things more expensive for users by artificially creating a shortage of.. 'land' (server space). Now, that might change, if say, LL were to encounter hard times, and actually begin shutting down servers. But then the number of users might be dropping as well, no?
  23. Oh this is meant to be for 2 at a time, with myself as official.
  24. So I am planning on setting up my own personal "SL Olympics" with some friends, and am making a list of events I could include. Would appreciate suggestions on types of competition one can enjoy in SL. Both head-to-head, and individual/scored/timed. Here is what I have now. What else am I missing? Head-to-Head Competitions: - Mud Wrestling - Arm Wrestling - Car Racing - Running - Shooting (various weaspons) - Sword Fighting Scored Competitions: - Bull Riding - Skydiving (for accuracy) - Equiestrian (requires a horse) Show Jumping Barrel Racing - Pony/Puppy Play (you are the pony/puppy) Show Jumping Barrel Racing Slalom Racing Are there ski, skate sports in SL that can be timed? Are any of the watercraft/sailing/flying activities adaptable to competition?
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