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  1. no kidding, LL stopped making improvements almost entirely a long time ago, these days they've switched to actively making things worse with the noob last names people get when registering now, the absolutely awful UI redesign, the still insanely high priced land/tier cost that simply isn't justified for something that is certifiably in the free to pay MMO death throes. i'm not joking at all either, SL has been being maintained like it's a greedy platform to extort money from people and give nothing in return for quite a few years now, they literally never make significant improvements at
  2. if the magic box containing the listed item is not rezzed somewhere (anywhere for the most part) in SL the item will never be delivered untill the magic box containing the listed item is placed.
  3. Janelle.Darkstone wrote: I'm really, really hoping the OP comes back soon. The suspense is killing me. =) QFT
  4. with a lot more errors, less eloquence and a bit more off topic.
  5. i'd have to agree and also possibly argue that since shared media almost undoubtedly would require someone be logged onto SL to view it that the stance technicality resides on even further shaky footing regardless of who technically is hosting the content in the end. to reiterate: say someone does this, starts showing everyone they can the video (or whatever it winds up being), you (probably at least) literally can't view it outside of SL, so the fact that the content's ability to be able to be partaken of resides wholly inside SL the organization providing the hosting is quite totally irrel
  6. yeah i was hoping there was some way to do it directly on the sky itself. i guess i'll create a feature request JIRA. i really want to avoid doing it with prims at all or particles even (particles as media textures are a seperate hell all their own to script btw) to bypass the draw distance issue. hmmm.... re-reading it seems like you may mean to imply that draw distance could still be an issue even doing it straight on the windlight sky itself? not entirely relevant but possible worthwhile other information: was visualizing this to be a full sim size theater type of thing, have seats
  7. no you understood the question well enough i think. i guess to be honest, the main thing i'm asking for here is if it's possible to do if you buy a new simulator. i know the ground texture can be a custom one you've made if you arrange so beforehand with LL, so it has to make me wonder if the same can be done for a sky texture instead. beyond that, if anyone comes up with any clever ideas to do the same thing within the constraints outlined in the OP i'd love to brainstorm a bit beyond that, heck if anyone happens to find out that the sky texture has a UUID in the library or elsewhere, th
  8. ideas? i had the idea to use a custom uploaded sky texture to display videos for like an outdoor ampitheater type thing, pretty stumped on how to go about it though so far. if i purchase a simulator new from LL i know i can use a custom uploaded texture for the ground, but what about the sky? is it possible? i'd like to avoid megaprim solutions and (probably) most anything relying on actual prims being the display as draw distance limitations would make that a hassle. also like to avoid anything requiring client side modifications to client files/etc. it'd need to be usable for any and every
  9. set in your preferences to be able to select where you login to before you login, it'll add a little dropdown box with options to login to: your home. your last location. a sim name you typed. mute the object or person if it keeps happening and realize that messages just like that are nothing more than scare tactics.
  10. QFT also, just for informational purposes, you could try a WHOIS on the IP you found with the media stream exploit mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but even at that point it's fairly pointless since the WHOIS will return information about the person's ISP (internet service provider) who hopefully are forbidden giving any personally identifiable information about who was using that IP at that given time, unless a law is broken. also, most routers act as a hardware firewall, for the most part, this means that unless a computer behind that firewall requested the data from the IP requesting d
  11. Daria.Afterthought wrote: Imma go cut my wrists now...and then write in my LiveJournal about it..and shop at HotTopic. Bella and Edward never had this issue! /wrist /wrist /flounce /adds more eyeliner. I don't know how things worked in Forum Land but round myuah we try not to act like 16 year old girls, mkay. Incidentally enough, there are 16 year old girls on this Flog. all i can honestly say at this point is; i <3 you daria, i'm guessing you're a taurus as well and one who's good with it and prefers blunt, concise, to the point manners of speaking. GOTTA love that, manda
  12. http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/Krunchmastaflex1/successful-troll-is-successful.jpg just for reference, this is precisely where the conversation degraded into petty name calling and slander. in case anyone missed it Message was edited by: Cheetah Hammerer(apparently the quote button does nothing currently.... at least for me...)
  13. tl;dr response: because, they assume LL doesn't by rule of thumb generally investigate the relevant data. also, why is it impossible to move the typing cursor to AFTER this smiley? (was meant to be directly behind "data.") missing quote, eh.... oh well, re-read OP if needed... smiley... still... winning... URK. Message was edited by: Cheetah Hammerer
  14. SL "pure vanilla" and a full uninstall reinstall solved the issue, thanks for the help guys. since two were technically correct, i gave the "correct" to the one that provided the most information, thanks to you both, appreciate it
  15. 1. haven't tried watching videos outside of secondlife via quicktime, will try that and see if it does anything at all and report the results here 2. i used to have windows vista, installed windows 7 not too long ago, worked perfectly on vista and i did an upgrade install from that, so i doubt it, i really do, it sounds like it was a firewall configuration in that instance anyway, which i'm positive it's not in mine 3. bandwidth/packet loss issue: my connection is quoted at 20 megabits a second and 4 megabits a second upload, so i'm actually quite happy to see that i fluctuate above 4MBPS i
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