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    Linden Lab's New CEO


    I thought all the hopefulness had already been beaten out of me, but this news makes me feel hopeful again, so welcome to Rod Humble, and good luck!

    You n me both Taly


    I hope Rod gets the lab back on track and gets Linden Lab OUT of content creation, does away with the whole house giving and the inworld producer buyups/promotions, and gets back into innovating and building the underlying platform.. and if possible FIX the content security system and give us a few more options in that dept.

    All in all, I hope he can do what Phil didn't his second time round and display names.. please for the love of god, Rod, can you tell someone to uild a name change webform already and 86 this horrible implementation?

    I won't start in with the other things needed, but do those, and I and others might just come back to SL full time

  1. I'm not upset over the teens coming here, I'm upset over the lawsuits it WILL lead too. 


    Ghost, you get it I give you the ribbon (And I'm not being facetious here). See, this goes to the whole "if it ain't broke" equation. Linden Lab had the perfect buffer in place already, a seperate grid. The moment someone said, "Hey, lets let the kids in, some are there anyway." it was game over.

    I curiously await the end of the grid, or what assuredly will come more quicky, a fast backpedal policy declaring that a new change of policy disallows kids on the grid while saving face for SL in the public eye.

    I wish this didn't have to be a consideration, but in the real world, I don't go to kids clubs, there's an id verification where kids aren't allowed and kids can't see through walls.

    So umm, yeah, I'm with you ghost. Though, in the interim, I'm staying mostly on the forums and staying the heck out of inworld as much as possible. I encourage others to do the same, if you really feel this is a series of lawsuits waiting to happen that you may be the target of as a result of your involvement with SL.

  2.   Next,  concerning a teen camming into my property and seeing something that  they shouldn't. I know of no jurisdiction where a homeowner would be  held criminally liable if a teen were caught peeping in their bedroom  window at night.

    Oh Well then, let me show you a jurisdiction and person this *HAS* happened to; Brynn, may I present, Eric Williamson of Fairfax County, Virginia;


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