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  1. That does sound like a viewer issue. In the mesh groups, the first suggestion is to use the latest stable SecondLife viewer, instead of any 3rd party viewer to upload mesh (even if they worked on the previous mesh). If you are already using the SL viewer, I guess my next thought would be to clear all the caches, and if that doesnt work, a new very clean install. The only other thing I can think of is the formatting of your collada file. Is it a DAE Collada? Have you uploaded other meshes in the same format without issues? I've also seen some programs that create objects with a HUGE amount of
  2. It is not against TOS to have high prices. Nothing for sale in SL is necessary - you do not actaully "need" anything here. It is also not against TOS to have poor quality items - if that were true nobody would ever get started created and selling. All you can do really is write a review that the item is not as described, and tell your friends. You can request a refund from the merchant, but I wouldnt hold my breath.
  3. I have heard of students being kicked out of various places for everythign from not tipping enough to asking too many questions. Bear in mind that anyone can ban people from their private estates or groups. Being banned isnt really reportable. I would reccommend checking out the classes at reputable places such as New Citizens Inc, Caledon Oxbridge, Builders Brewery or other groups in this List of Second Life Skills Training Schools on the SL Wkki.
  4. I've always uploaded my textures for my mesh objects seperately, as textures and applied them in-world. It should be the same for materials - yes it is according to this article: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Uploading_a_multi-face_mesh
  5. Hey Cat! Hubby upgraded to Maverick on his MacBook Pro and said that everythign was working as it should. He uses Firestorm, so thats not much help to you. He also said that his Nicecast streaming software worked the same. I think Im on the same iMac as you, so I might check in with you once youve tried it
  6. I've had photos fail to appear with no message, it turns out that the system may spit out any image names that contain non-alpha numeric characters. So for instance an image named awesomething#2.png would NOT load, but when I changed the name to awesomethingVer2.png it loaded just fine. I really wish they would mention that someplace...
  7. I like to use this bar table as a stool (just make the base a bit bigger). Its from Ayumi Cassini's twisted prim guide.
  8. There are two steps to cashing out, you need to do both. Plus there have been delays in payments to PayPal (but I thought those were fixed?). Did you do a market sell or a limit sell? When did you process credit to PayPal? I did a little tutorial of the steps, and how to check status, maybe it will help? Clicky
  9. If your Build menu is open point your view looking down where you think your couch is and click drag to graw a box where you think it is, if you get it right its outline will be highligted. If you get it wrong you will grab other things, or nothing. Keep trying till you get just the couch and drag it up with the edit tools.
  10. While I can, and do, upload mesh using Firestorm, sometimes things do not work and then I revert to using the latest SL viewer to upload, and that always works. If you are uploading using the latest SL viewer, then I am stumped as well. Perhaps you hit the max amount of triangles or something?
  11. Rolig made a nifty tutorial on how to use local textures The big difference compared to temporary textures is that only you can see a local texture. So now I cant play "this or that" when working on collaborative projects. But local textures are nice because as soon as you save any changes to the texture on your computer the local texture in-world updates.
  12. Check the name, non-alpha numeric symbols in the name can cause this. So for instance the image awesomethingVer2.png will work and awesomething#2.png will not work.
  13. Did you do a Market Sell or a Limit Sell? I just made a tutorial on limit sells, including how to check the process along the way. Much of the process is the same for market sells.
  14. Sea Warcliffe

    UV MAP

    I just made a tutorial about this very subject (well and how to use UV and AO maps in Gimp) Clicky Hope it helps
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