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  1. I don't know why, sorry. Maybe another Resident here does. A link with information about clothing and attachments. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Controlling-your-avatar-s-appearance/ta-p/700709
  2. Quoting a previous answer from Resident Rolig, See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-in-the-Marketplace/ta-p/700193 and, specifically, http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Marketplace-Direct-Delivery-migration-guid...
  3. I'm sure that many people in the States who play the lotto are aware of the current jackpot of $550 million. The amount will likely grow before Tuesday's drawing. Mega Millions is bi-weekly lottery with 43 US States participating. The current lottery is higher than the GDP of many Nations. I don't like to gamble. I give the money to a friend who buys the tickets for me. It is possible to win without buying a ticket. You could find a ticket or someone could give you a ticket. The winner will probably be some old person. If so, I hope it's one of the old people in my family. :smileyvery-happy: J
  4. The answer to that question is elementary, creativity in SL is essential to economic growth in SL. There are many Groups in SL which foster creativity but unfortunately, many of the Groups only help to teach you how to do everything all by yourself. To bring a product to market, a Resident must complete the following. I might be missing a step or 3. Conceptualize a product Draft and design Build the object Texture the object Script the object Animate the object Package the object Capture photos Write listings Set permissions List on MP Deal with customers Get paid Get copied Learn about
  5. Greetings Will, I recommend trying to get SL running in 1 window first. Have you tried using the Firestorm viewer? If there were changes to the Terms of Service and a window is trying to open but you don't have the plug-in, that may be possible. In past changes to the TOS, my start up would stall whilst my firewall was alerting me that sl plug-in is attempting to access the internet deny or allow. You should avoid installing or trying to set anything 50 times. If you cannot find a fix in 1-3 attempts, check back here, or consider contacting Support to submit a case.
  6. There are many features in SL that can be improved upon. The original method of boxed delivery was created by the makers of SL, Linden Lab. There were many reasons for doing that at the time, most of the reasons involve Object Permissions for the next owner. Selling objects in SL, and the methods and options for doing so are still in a transitional stage. Direct inventory delivery may eventually be the only option for new merchants who want to list an item. Some very old items may be exempt and will continue to be delivered boxed. Time will tell. I have always advocated for a Market Place S
  7. If creating an Alt allows you to login, that typically means that there is an Inworld error with the first avatar you created. The avatar might be stuck inworld in what is called a Ghost avatar. The last location the avatar visited may be having a problem, preventing that avatar from logging out. (try logging in at a Region named Smith) It could be something that avatar is wearing. It could be a Group tag that is no longer active. You should consider contacting Support to submit a case for a login issue. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-contact-customer-s
  8. If the Region is offline, you would need to submit a case with Support. Request for the Region to be re-opened so that you may collect your items. The Resident who accepted your funds, does have a Contract with you. You have legal options outside of SL, but those options can be costly. If the Resident doesn't live in the same Country as you, that can further complicate matters. When I rent land, I only rent week to week. I look for land dealers who own multiple Regions, and who are long standing members of SL. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-contact-cust
  9. You must be really good at charades... is it an animal element of object..lol
  10. From the knowledge base Tip: The Land Use Fees calculator shows your current fees and has the option to calculate your estimated fees for square meters owned or donated to group.
  11. Hello Nyll, Thank you for taking the time to post that photo. I can agree that it is clear and understandable. :smileyhappy:
  12. Yes I did, It has been bothering me, in an odd 3 oclock High movie sort of way.
  13. :smileyvery-happy: I was just having fun with it. Rude E started it by writing about the Galactic Republic.
  14. The thread in Missed Connections keeps reminding of this song Edit: I forgot about the shaving scene, I've selected a different video. But then I think of this song and I feel better
  15. Knowl Paine

    banned from land

    It could be Group land and you may have to be wearing the Group tag to enter. The Maturity rating could block teleport. The Region could be full. You should get a message when you try to teleport to that location. If there is an adjacent Region, you could teleport to that region and try to walk where you want to go. A friend could try to invite you.
  16. The pin was assigned by asinine hierarchal monopolistic megalomaniacs. To earn something suggest that payment is owed. I've never asked for anything in return from the Residents I've tried to help. I think you know that. I agree with your point, LL does what it wants, SL is not a democracy. Have you met Rod? Our humble servant? Legally he needs to maximize profits for share-holders. Returning dividends in the form of lower consumer prices is unlawful in business.
  17. I only read fortune cookies and bumper stickers. Search engines are only going to repeat what you just wrote. I want to learn new things, like fresh water under the Ocean, I like that news story. NPR National Public Radio / scientists-map-vast-reserves-of-freshwater-under-the-seabed The only problem with this recent discovery is that others have claimed it existed a long time ago, but people who were certain they were right because a book told them what to think, refused to listen.
  18. I'm already in a Universe of infinity diversity, I was born here as a young star. It is said that we are stardust, starseeds, youngsters. The NSA isn't the only entity capable of listening. They said I would get a Mortarboard if I graduated from a University. Seeing as I can cap a bull, I didn't need an Ox fording on my cap. Nor did I need tassels to remind that it is all bullshyt. Pupils throw their hats in the air when they graduate because they won't need a brain anymore.
  19. I support the claims that humans are much older than history reports. Many of the structures that make up the wonders of the world, are built upon foundations which pre-date any known civilization.
  20. I signed up years ago, I don't know what the Premium page looks like when signing up. Does anyone have a screen shot of that? I really hope that LL is providing clear and accurate data about exactly when a Resident will receive the L$. 1-10 customers are likely to complain if there is a problem. I won't guess atm as to how many times the question of "where's my L$" is asked. It is a large number and that number represents only a fraction of the potentially disappointed customers. Make the font size 22 or 28. Do you think the offer is clear? What is your opinion?
  21. Do you have a theory which can explain why the Pacific and Atlantic plates differ so greatly in age? The Pacific is estimated to be 1-5 byo and the Atlantic is estimated to be only 200 myo. Prior to the break up of Pangaea, can you estimate what the shoreline depths may have been? If the average ocean deep is about 2 and 1/2 miles deep and the deepest depth is about 7 miles, what did the shores of Pangaea look like? Were they sloped? If they were sloped, when did that erosion occur? If I take an apple, and I carve out Pangaea on the apple, how did such and imbalanced body form? If the earth
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