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  1. Paratrex wrote: This is such a fascinating thread. No one is answering to the topic and questions I'm bringing up about privacy. But sarcasm is all I get and just general childish antics. I scanned through the thread and it appears that you have only asked one question, over and over. Quote: "Now tell me why again it's OK for people to read your private messages?" It is not OK. Spying on everyone is just a way of governing mental states. We got wars that need to be popularized and funded, so we need bogeymen.
  2. You're funny. :smileylol: I don't think Linden Lab would even allow me to wash coffee cups in the break room. It is possible that my request for a piggyback ride, placed any employment opportunities in question, or it was peeing in the garbage can, idk.
  3. The strategic/talented/skilled selections look like the most fun, I want to be one of those. I'm not normal. My typing and grammar have improved. Meeting chatting and befriending Residents from Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and several other Nations, has helped to prove that we live a small World. We are more alike than we are not. Emotionally: What do you tell a SL with two black eyes? Nothing, it has already been told twice. We have a reputation? I joined a long time ago. I had never heard of SL prior to that. I'm vanilla on many things. I think I understand
  4. If there are no replies, you should be able to click on Options and choose Delete. If there are replies, click on the Report Inappropriate Content and request for the Moderator to delete thread, offer a reason why you want it deleted or locked. The decision is at the Moderators discretion, no guarantee that the thread will be removed or locked.
  5. Ouvert dans une deuxième fenêtre. Utiliser deux ordinateurs
  6. It reminds me of a Planet I visited... in a book.
  7. The listing says that the item will need to be unpackaged, I don't think it will be delivered in a Folder.
  8. If you are still having an issue, feel free to create a new question. Include a link to this thread.
  9. I think it is a good poem. "Fields of mauve and magenta blooms sway softly in the evening air". Is my favorite part. idk who Kelly is though.
  10. You can do that at your Dashboard account page. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Password-and-account-information/ta-p/700017#Section_.4
  11. I was thinking it is that woman have the ability to compromise. :smileyvery-happy:
  12. There are 104 drawings per year. Matching 4 numbers pays 10K, 5 numbers is 250K, you don't need to win the jackpot. I think that if a person can control themselves, $104 per year is not a lot to spend, plus you get a chance to dream a little.
  13. 85% of all homeless people are Men. I wonder if there is something women have, that those homeless men do not. I've only see one woman hitch hiker while driving but the car in front of mine stopped so fast to pick her up, that I never got a good look at her.
  14. I don't know. Does the transaction show up at your dashboard account page? You could contact the merchant. If the issue persist you could submit a case with Support. You could try using an Alt or ask a friend. I'm not inworld atm otherwise I would test purchase the item. Maybe another Resident here has a solution.
  15. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Base-de-conocimientos/tkb-p/Espanol_KB%40tkb
  16. I think additional tools in Feed would be helpful. I don't like twitter. "Dismiss. People often block because there’s no other way to remove a tweet from view. If Twitter added this tool for any tweet (just like the one that exists for ads), there’d be less need to block right away." I suggest dismissing all comments and deleting the account. Another option is to create hundreds of alt accounts and comment on your own tweets so that you will tell yourself what you want to hear. Timeout. I’ve often wanted a tool that operates like block with a time limit: blocking another user for a
  17. Only competent parties may accept the Terms of Service. Users are responsible for their accounts. There is a Bills of Exchange Act and it is the reason why LL created a transactions page for Residents. There are international monetary policies and that is why MP merchants need to file forms for the IRS. There are Federal mandates established by the State Department on how, who, and where funds can be transferred and that explains the hoops in getting L$. Money is a form of consideration and is considered by the Courts as a cause for action. I completely agree that going to Court for $36 b
  18. The lottery recently added another ball to to the drawing. They did that because if you count the numbers of time each ball has been drawn, there is a pattern. Some numbers have not been drawn for more than a year, and other numbers are drawn almost weekly. Prior to the changes, I think there was 149 million possible combinations using the number set they had. If you purchased 149 million tickets, you would win. That was fine for small lotteries of 149M and under. A friend who is not a scientist, claimed that the balls are all equal in weight. The balls may be equal in pounds or ounces, but
  19. The cash value sum is currently 295 Million. The full amount is paid in a 20 year annuity. The tax is 30% If you don't make any major purchases with the money for 1 year, the tax rate is slightly reduced. The government is one of the winners, yes. A high percentage of Lottery winners are broke within 1 year of winning. Some end up dead from their own indulgence in finer things. I might do what Larry Flint and Howard Hughes did, lock myself in a room until I figure out what I want to do.
  20. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Knowl Paine wrote: I don't like to gamble. I give the money to a friend who buys the tickets for me. I have a similar arrangement with a friend. He gets me my cigarettes. lol :smileyvery-happy:
  21. Not that I am aware of. Did you receive an advertisement?
  22. I don't know why. If you think it is bug, you could report it. It never hurts to submit a case with Support, if you find a solution you could close the case. All I can recommend is to type things out in notepad, and copy and paste into Group messages. Maybe it will stay open long enough. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_Tracker http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-contact-customer-support/ta-p/739385
  23. Choose Me > Preferences and click on the General tab to choose the maturity rating of content you want to see. The system will use the date of birth you originally provided when you created the account. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119
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