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  1. How far along in the login process are you getting? Are you getting any other messages besides the incorrect password message? Is your password more than 16 characters? Only enter the first 16. Edit: Use Options to add or edit information in your question.
  2. A video from an obscure SL Resident in 2010? I like how the song connects with the action in the video. It reminds of times past in SL. idk if qualifies as silly. :smileyhappy:
  3. It's a social platform. I played the newb doormat for a little while. Linden's just dump residents inworld and any decent resident is civilly obliged to help those new residents. My point is something, I'm getting there. Stealth for all would include griefers. Then there is money, who is going to pay for it. Most importantly is the fact that they cannot finish the work they already have. I'm pretty sure that LL techs have the biggest pocket protectors. IMVU would tap out in under 100 lines of code.
  4. I see it as a just reward for a broken backwards system. We all know the DMCA policy. Can any person here file? No, we cannot. The system doesn't work like that. Beyonce has plenty of money, she can watchdog her own profits. I feel really sorry for Beyonce, she wanted people to like her and then the people did. Woe is her, maybe a new Mercedes will make her feel better. The OP has the misfortune of taking the brunt end of an unresolved MP merchant's gripe. The OP bought it, she didn't make it. We could find that Merchant and LL would just ignore it. Only Beyonce can file a dmca. She might
  5. Only private region owners may be able to see your ip. The Mainland is managed by Linden Lab. The majority of region owners are not concerned with who a resident's alts might be. It is unlikely that they would share ip addresses with other residents. Most region owners are verified users, names addresses, billing info, etc. They're not going to violate the terms of service to help some stalker discover who a resident's alt(s) might be. Some residents may claim that you have an alt or that they know your alt. Of course they won't be able to produce a name because they don't know and they are
  6. I think that the only option is to either agree, or remain silent. I can relate with what the OP is saying about balancing friendships with work. I vote No.
  7. I don't think it is a big deal. An entourage or celebrity entourage would be a fun idea. I'm not good at styling my avatar, the best I could do would be to hang around and help spend your money. :smileyhappy: I hope you enjoy your new look.
  8. If you have cancelled your account, you may be able to restore it, depending on how long ago it was cancelled. There is a US$9.95 reactivation fee for restoring an account. Warning: Even if your account is restored, the associated inventory, land, and Linden dollar balance may be unrecoverable. To start the process: Open a support case. Under What type of problem are you having? choose Account Issue. Choose Reactivate an old account. Enter the required information Click Submit. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Accounts-overview/ta-p/700019 http://community.
  9. You have replies at the other thread you created about this, including a Resident who can meet with you Inworld to look at the issue. Do you own the land? I don't understand why there aren't enough credits. I cannot confirm atm if the land must be Group Owned in order for group officers to have full abilities. I think it does. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/how-to-give-full-perms-to-land/m-p/2393113#M145413
  10. I think you have to open the Group page and there should be a small check box... I forget what it says, I'm getting old. Show something it says. By default, others can see the groups to which you belong in your profile. To hide a group so that it does not appear in your profile: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on yourself and choose My Groups. Click the group you want to hide Click Group Profile. Deselect Show in my profile. Click Save. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Joining-and-participating-in-groups/ta-p/700117
  11. Anybody can learn how to use the interface but only a small percentage of residents build creatively. It is possible that you are popular because you are creative and interesting. You should be flattered, not upset. It's not their fault that they like your company. Compose yourself. I like to build alone. I understand how any interruption can influence the final product. Everyone is not an artist. My advice is that you cannot force creativity. Some interruptions are meant to be. Breath deep, exhale, resume breathing normally.
  12. Hello Fonic, I apologize for not seeing your question. This part of the Forum is for discussions. I will try to help you here. I have translated that you are having a problem with transferring money from second life to Pay pal. You say that there is an issue with entering the Date. I will add some links to the knowledge base that might help. You may have repost this question in Answers where other experienced Residents may have a solution. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Base-de-conocimientos/tkb-p/Espanol_KB%40tkb http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Base-de-conocimientos/Comprave
  13. Look in your inventory to view what your avatar is wearing. Remove any objects that you do not recognize. Use a 3rd party viewer like Firestorm. Create an Alt account. Visit populated areas or managed regions to avoid being singled out. Nobody likes griefers'. The goal is to reduce the quantity of griefers'. I hope that your second life experience improves. :matte-motes-smile:
  14. Maybe the owner of the land can select the box Owner Makes Contribution with Deed. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Group-owned-land/ta-p/700079
  15. Yes! I am a victim! Victim Status: Activated Voltron Force Assemble!
  16. Metric is ok but if you ever need to repair anything in the real world, you're going to need a standard and metric tool set. Then there is the question of how many sizes should there be? A 14mm wrench is great for a rusty 9/16 bolt and a 1/2 is great for a rusty 14mm bolt. I see two points worth touching on the watermelons. Mathematicians don't understand watermelons and I forget my second point. Something distracted me.
  17. The Residents who are violating the terms of service by harassing you, purchased the scripted items they are using. Weapons development in second life is a race. For every known attack, there is a defense. That is just how it works. It is not an exploit. I can only suggest that you find better places to visit. If you are being harassed on land you own, change the land settings. Avoid visiting areas where scripts are enabled. Continue to report abuse if you experience it.
  18. I bought some mesh boots, they didn't fit. That's my mesh experience. It wasn't even my idea. I'm glad that they didn't fit. Stupid boots. :smileyhappy:
  19. Venus Petrov wrote: This is why I try demos first. Not all mesh makers make asses as wide as horse trailers. :smileyvery-happy: horse trailer should be an official measure.
  20. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Base-de-conocimientos/Qu%C3%A9-hacer-ante-un-caso-de-infracci%C3%B3n-o-acoso/ta-p/1517211 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=318
  21. The guide is still showing the old location that is not there. For questions or update requests to existing entries, or to report an error — like a wrong SLurl or place that's gone — contact the Linden Lab editors via email. Please note that we are not able to respond to every inquiry, however we welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/About-the-Second-Life-Destination-Guide/ta-p/700059 If I am reading the above correctly. Any Resident may "report an error". I don't suggest mass emailing the Editor but it is possible th
  22. I have not purchased a Region nor have I offered land for rent. I think that buying a single Region for the purpose of renting it out for profit is a bad idea. You could learn and build a customer base with a much smaller investment on the mainland. Starting with a full region is a lot of obligation. On the mainland, you could abandon part of your tier liability if you had to and your tenants wouldn't be disturbed. If you know you can afford it, then go for it. Give yourself 90 days to become self sustaining. If the rentals aren't paying the tier by then, consider hiring help or throwing in
  23. Hello Anjevia, Welcome to the SL forum. Fun is good :smileyhappy:
  24. If an item mysteriously disappears from your inventory, use the the procedures below to locate it. Click the Inventory button on the toolbar and select the RECENT tab. Items returned since last log off will be stored here. Clear the Second Life Viewer's cache. Search for the item by entering its name in the Filter Inventory field of the INVENTORY window. Search the Lost And Found folder. Search the Trash folder. Search folders listed at the top of the INVENTORY window. Your filter settings may be hiding some of your inventory items. To reset them, click the Gear icon at the bottom left
  25. Is the land set to the Group or owned by the Group? For full permissions abilities I think that the land has to be Group owned.
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