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  1. If i were paid each time my SL service was interrupted I could retire comfortably early.
  2. She is trying to rez a bundle which contains Linden plants (which she probably rezzed on the orignal parcel). The parcel she is on must allow her to rez linden plants or everything goes bonkers.
  3. The list maker is probably using collision, which is mostly instantaneous. The greeter is proably using a scanner that searchs on a regular basis (xx seconds) and they leave before the scan is started. As to why they don't stay, there could be a million reasons.
  4. From what I understand of the rules, the contest board can't be able to accept payments from the residents, even if you don't use that option. This was the concensus when they were discussing the Greedy Greedy tables.
  5. I don't see many dance or strip clubs moving to the gaming sims.
  6. Try Vista Anims "Essence Woman" or Abranamations "Urban Woman" (it may be spelled Urben)... I believe both stores let you sample them.
  7. What type of collar is it? If it is one of the OpenCollars, try typing "arrunaway" in local (without the quotes)
  8. It is hard to understand from your message, but did you turn the land back to them or did they take it? For instance, could you have stayed the remaining days IF you had asked for it to end at the end of your lease or did you just tell them "take it now"?
  9. I found that when someone used the Immersitivity HUD I have to switch to Firestorm or I kept crashing. Somehow they are not playing nicely together.
  10. Full Region for sale (15000 prims) $500 (includes transfer fee) Tier Date: 27th Need to sell quickly before it is returned to LL.
  11. Just curious trying to read through what was said... it appears it is $20,000US in Linden sales, not in cash outs. LL doesn't attempt to track your business expenses, just the gross sales. Of course, as with all of us having to specualte, this may be incorrect.
  12. No, the Tango and the Pushups are two different items and use different appliers
  13. My subs have rules, but they are tailored for the specific sub's situation.
  14. I am getting name change messages in the feed that never happened, or happened months ago and is showing as recent.,
  15. </sarcasm> Oh, I just love 2.2 </sarcasm off> I installed it today and now I crash on login every time. I even uninstalled and redownloaded/reinstalled. It gets to "Loading World" then closes to the crash logger. Anyone have this problem and solve it? I had to go to a third party viewer until I can resolve this.
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