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  1. This is incorrect, Grumpity. You take closer to 3.5% from all transactions, as shown in all my recent sales. For example, I sold L$29,412 and Linden Lab took $4.09 in fees, plus another 2.5% to transfer that money to PayPal. With the new changes, it amounts to 8.5% overhead for every inworld sale, and up to 13% for the Marketplace. I can't stay in business that way.
  2. Am I missing something, or is there no way to see if an Experience works on the land without asking the user for permissions, and waiting to see if it fails? This is a huge oversight, especially for transporters that need the user to remain in the touch() event until permissions are confirmed. Before you ask, the function llAgentInExperience() does not solve this problem. It's broken badly, as it returns FALSE if the user hasn't granted permissions. The whole point is to see if the LAND has granted permissions, before we waste time bothering a customer. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10195 and https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6912 regarding this issue.
  3. I filed a support ticket last week, and was told they aren't available. No other information was provided.
  4. Dayna Bedrosian wrote: Most people are not on one grid, but spread out. Not only that, but the Hypergrid a person is not limited to one grid. That's why when you look at a number on a grid it seems like a waste land. Amusing, but blatantly untrue. If "most people" were on multiple grids, the population of Kitely, Inworldz, etc. would be more than ~1000 active users and 30 online at any given time. Third-party grids are irrelevant to this discussion.
  5. I believe the title on this article is incorrect, and "Builders" should read "Content Creators". After all, texture artists, programmers, and animators also create content. Builds without those things are plywood prims that do nothing. But regardless of terminology, I would not wish to be singled out as a "builder." I'd rather see private islands and mainland sims on the same tier. If anything, Linden Lab could make money by setting up estate tools as an additional, paid service usable by mainland tenants if they own enough land. I wouldn't get your hopes up, though. Linden Lab is unlikely to lower prices for any reason. They showed their charitable side a few years back, when they simultaneously increased the cost of homesteads, and removed the educational and non-profit discounts.
  6. I agree that the current tier system is onerous. If I could easily move my shop to a mainland sim, I would do so, just to save $100/month. Alas, that is a difficult prospect, made worse by the chaotic nature of many mainland neighborhoods, and vast tracts of abandoned land checkerboarding most sims. Why, exactly, are "private" sims more expensive than mainland for the same level of service? I don't think estate tools and terrforming are sufficient justification, since neither require any effort by Linden Lab.
  7. Well said, Karen. And not to forget Stephen Donaldson, who published "Lord Foul's Bane" in 1977, and presumably the inspiration for Linden Lab's choice of surname.
  8. Payments are due by the same day of the following week, plus 1 day if there is a holiday in that period. So if you cashed out last Monday, your payment should arrive by tomorrow (since today is a holiday in the US.) LIkewise, any cash-outs over the weekend won't show up until a week from the following Monday.
  9. I had two overdue transactions, and filed a trouble ticket inquiring about them. I received a reply almost immediately, and was informed that my payments were on hold due to the USA PATRIOT Act. I suspect you'll find the same issue, as have many other merchants. Linden Lab is sending out notices via the support system, and being very slow about it. In the meantime, you'll find information here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Patriot-Act-Letter-from-LL/td-p/2435875 Do yourself a favor and only read the first post before skipping to the end of the thread. It's turned into a flame war by misdirected souls. P.S. Exodus, 5 working days from January 9 is January 16, so your payment was only 1 day late when you posted. Still, it doesn't hurt to open a ticket and ask why.
  10. Good point, Griffin. It doesn't explain why Linden Lab is claiming the USA PATRIOT Act is involved. I can only assume that Linden Lab considers all cash-outs as a single "series of related transactions during the course of business." I asked Rowan Linden (the person who filed my ticket) for clarification. The important things to take away from all of this noise is: The letter is genuine. For whatever reason, Linden Lab is not sending it to all merchants Linden Lab threatens to terminate (administrative suspension) the accounts of anyone who does not comply within 30 days For everything else that people here are whining about, take it up with the US government, and George W. Bush in particular.
  11. Presumably, you two missed the part where you get suspended for your planned action. I wasn't happy about this either, but I have complied, and LL now has a scan of my state ID and released the payments they had been holding. You must submit the form and identification within thirty (30) days of the date of this request. If you have not complied with this request within such time, we will place your account(s) on Administrative Hold until we receive such information. You may or may not receive a reminder; we recommend that you promptly submit the requested information to avoid any adverse effect to your Second Life account.
  12. Pamela is not alone. I received the same support ticket, though not until after I asked why my payments were late. What I don't understand is why this is necessary. Linden Lab already had all of my identity information, including a copy of my passport from age verification. And second, according to the US government, this clause of the Patriot Act only applies to people making more than $10,000 in a single transaction. This never applied to me.
  13. jjccc Coronet wrote: Is this emergency rollback anything to do with the person going arround second life force mass teleporting everyone out of a sim to different welcome areas That's it exactly. And Oskar's notice is wrong. While other sims may have been restarted, it *did* affect Magnum. llTeleportAgent() and the other Experience functions have been disabled in all Magnum RC regions.
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