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  1. If the teens "get around" something then we are no longer on the hook. But the way it is going to be as it is stated now, WE are the ones (along with LL) that will be facing the judge WHEN some angry parent comes after Everyone even remotely involved...
  2. It is not the teens I am worried about, it is a lawsuit from some parrent because their kid had something, got into something, did something, bad on one of MY sims. Thus the courts coming after me. Right now I am protected since if an under ager is in SL they are the ones breaking the rules. LL is changing that and we don't have any protections at all... Samantha
  3. By "GENERAL" do you mean PG region ratings? I have not seen more then a handful of GENERAL regions on the main grid. Or will you be giving us another rating level? So we can have GENERAL to have the kiddies, PG to have adults only but with no "Mature" content, MATURE and ADULT? Samantha *Edit*: Hidden in the bowels of the SL wiki I found this... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Maturity So we lose the adults only "general".
  4. Considering Concierge support (both phone and live chat) consists of an Ontyne "support" person telling you off and telling you to file a ticket (that they promptly close to boost their closed ticket rankings) and then hanging up on you, you guys with the basic accounts are not missing much... It is absolutely pathetic right now... Samantha
  5. Way to go LL. If your ultimate plan is to promote alternate grids that will rival SL, your doing a great job! Just think of all that university and collage talent that can be put to work to build the edu's a fantastic world, all open source of course!, to play in. The trickle down effect of open source grid tech should be impressive. LL's road map to ruin appears to be right on track. Samantha
  6. Now all we need is the Settable Windlight stuff done and we can have an entirely new SL! So come on and lets get Windlight finished!!! (Almost 2 years now)
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