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    Will there be any safeguards in place to let the adult residents know that they are befriending a teen?  I think there should be some way of tagging a teen's profile to identify them.


    While it may seem like this would be a good idea, don't you think that flagging a minor's account would make them an easy target for pedophiles?

    Honestly, the fact that you're friending a teen is irrelevant, unless you're prejudiced against them, or are silly enough to participate in 'adult behavior' in a general region.  If you just treat your friends like friends, does it really matter if they're 17 instead of 18?  I don't care personally, if a person is relatively mature and they're 16 years old, that's fine, they can be my friend.  If they're 40 and totally immature, they won't stay on my list long.  What is your concern about a friend being under 18?

    I do have the same concerns about general parcels that are next to mature ones though, that would seem to be a risk.

    The only other thing I can see is with groups, concerning language and some off-color conversations I see quite a lot.  Now, even way back in the stone age when I was 16, we had those same conversations with our friends, so it's not like they're being treated to something unusual.  However I can see some overly protective parents being upset by some of that colorful language.  Are there settings in groups that let you only allow adults or age-verified people to join?

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