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  1. In the context of the OP how much have we spent on Libya in the past 5 months? A better question is, how much have we spent IN Libya in the past 5 months. Much of the cost of these fights is spent either 1) in the US, or 2) on US people (soldiers, contractors, etc.). That money doesn't just evaporate, it is used to creat jobs in the US or in salaries to US people. That doesn't justify the wars, and it isn't necessarily an efficient way to spend money, but I never see anyone who quotes these multi-trilion dollar costs telling us how much of that cost stays in the US economy.
  2. Yoki Enoch wrote: Basic mode was the brain child of someone at Linden Lab who was under the assumption that Viewer use in SL was too complicated for many new comers. Somehow, they sold the idea to the "power that be" at LL that was responsible for such things, and thus the basic viewer was born. I don't know who came up with it, but if you read back a number of months, there was a pretty long thread that suggested this idea. I think it even suggested 3 modes (one was optimized for building if I remember right). It was a pretty well-accepted idea. It's actually quite a good idea, j
  3. Couple things here... I agree with the seniment here much more than the ones on the Linden post. Sure, they're not huge bonuses, but they are still nice. If you're a long-timesubscriber, these won't mean a lot to you probably, but they're likely not aimed at you anway...you're already paying, what SL needs is MORE people like that. This (and other changes they've made lately) are aimed at driving new business. Something to keep in mind here (aimed more at the posters on the other thread). LL needs to make money, or we will all be homeless. What they've added here are nice little perks t
  4. Personally, I loved the post. Some people will nit pick about the tone, but that's fine...ignore them ;-) As a long time 'beginning builder' I think I'll keep a copy of this around just to check myself. I don't agree with every single point (for some reason, I have a fondness for walls that have actual thickness to them), but it's a great checklist of things to watch out for, or in my case, to learn how to do :-)
  5. Will there be any safeguards in place to let the adult residents know that they are befriending a teen? I think there should be some way of tagging a teen's profile to identify them. While it may seem like this would be a good idea, don't you think that flagging a minor's account would make them an easy target for pedophiles? Honestly, the fact that you're friending a teen is irrelevant, unless you're prejudiced against them, or are silly enough to participate in 'adult behavior' in a general region. If you just treat your friends like friends, does it really matter if they're 17 instea
  6. Sounds like you understand it perfectly. You get 512 for free as part of your premium account, and the additional 512 would cost you $5/month (or upgrade 512 more, for a total of 1536 for $8/month, etc.) As soon as you purchase the land (and it will tell you EXACTLY how it will affect your billing before you hit the 'buy' button at the end), your account will be flagged as having a total of 1024 (or whatever) max for that billing period. The extra you pay is whatever that maximum number is...so if you buy 1536, and sell off the 512 you didn't need, you'll still be charged that billing perio
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