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  1. Ok, I got Chrome working for a couple of minutes (longer than five minutes, and it would have died on me). I can't see that page with Chrome either ... Maybe it's not for people outside the US?
  2. I can't see that page at all It happened with the shopping page as well, though. It's probably my browser (IE, not sure which version). I'm only using it because Google Chrome died on me >< I'll try something else, though. Thanks for the heads up. I never thought it might be my broswer, lol.
  3. Thanks, but that link is the one I was trying, but all it's doing is showing me a blank page
  4. Ok, so, anyone know how to get into LR? I'm interested in taking a look, but can't figure it out. I went to the blog post, which sent me to the LR site page, which was... blank... I don't have a clue where any of these "portals" are.. From what I can tell, there was meant to be a list on the page I went to... Please and thanks, for the help!
  5. Thanks for the replies! I'll look into them in detail tomorrow, after some sleep, but looking at them, I can see how they make sense (I have no trouble reading a script, but plenty when trying to write one, lol.) I've already tried both the transparency and setting the glow.. The main reason I came looking for help was cause the script I'd used last night had worked perfectly.. and then today, gave a totally different effect, :robotsurprised: In any case, I should hopefully know more tomorrow, thanks to yer help
  6. Oh, thanks! I didn't realise there was a wanted section. Though... I've just played around with one script, and found that it works better if the prim is set to full bright. This leads to another question: When I put within another prim (ie, light and lightshade) it doesn't shine through.. Is there a way around that? (totally new to scripting, so if someone could point out a function that would be great!)
  7. If someone can please help me, I'd love some help finding a ~very~ simple light script. I just want something that is touch on/touch off, and has a decent glow to it. All the ones I'm finding are either very dull, or don't work as simply as I'd like. Thanks in advance.
  8. One type of RP that people rarely seem to know about is Roman-based RP. I was involved in one sim for over a year, and am in the process of moving with to a new sim (Blood & Sand on the Crimson Spear sim). The sim I used to play on has merged with Blood & Sand, and although it's new, it seems really busy and vibrant, The build is gorgeous too - I was given a tour just last night!
  9. Rod, welcome! I've been a Sims player since the start, and really hope you can do just as well here as you did there *bows down in worship* ;P It's great to see someone with some previous knowledge of virtual living coming on board! Here's to lots of great work from a great guy! *thumbs up*
  10. Just saw that status post. That wasn't up when I went looking for one...must have only gone up a few minutes after... Oh well, hopefully the problem gets sorted for others!
  11. Ok, good news ^^ I managed to log in, at last...Maybe SL was hungry? (I ran for lunch) Either way...before I successfully logged in, I got an error message I've never seen before. 'Log in failed' That was it... Good luck guys! Fingers crossed for you!
  12. Just...I tried logging into SL from emerald several times, and it either hung (did nothing past showing the words 'Logging in' or came up with the following message: Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check secondlike.com/status to see if there is a known problem with the service. Ok, in a case like this...I'll reluctantly pull up my regular viewer...which I did. Hey, maybe it was a problem emerald was having... Um...no, fraid not. Got the same error with the regular client. And there's nothing up on the status page (yet anyway) about log-ins. Just a mention of this 'minimal disruption' maintanence..*shrugs* Just wanted to ask if anyone else was having problems...hope this was the right section (this being what I would call a technical problem...heh)
  13. Ah, homes on an RP sim can be a tricky issue imo. I rp myself, and have a home on my RP sim...one that I would get miffed at people for entering uninvited. (out of character, i'm very welcoming. in character, i'm welcoming, but it also depends on relationships, plots, etc) Why would I get miffed?...because it's my PRIVATE home, and this is something that all tourists to the sim are told (there are many private residences because it's a city). Of course, if it's an rp sim, then it should be clearly stated in the rules that there are private residences, as well as where they tend to be. however, if on an rp sim, and it doesnt say that the homes are private, then its up to the tourist how they handle them...i personally treat them as private homes, but that's just me. of course, individuals may have preferences. oh, and when i say i get annoyed about people entering my private home...i lost it with a friend for going into my boyfriends home uninvited (for ic reasons, we always have seperate homes lol). i mean, the back gate AND the front door were locked...even i couldn't get in...lol (again, for ic reasons, we are not on the access list for each others houses...this might sound odd, but we're jsut serious about our rp, and like it to be believable...even my alt who rps as a servant on the same sim, and therefore doesnt need a house...she isn't on the access list, because it doesnt' make sense) in summary: rp homes = tricky if stated as being private...stay out unless invited, or knocking if not stated, cam around, check the door, im someone nearby...all good ways to get an answer
  14. What that option mean is that if you (or your partner) has something rezzed, then anyone you give EDIT rights to, can move/modify it in the same way you can. You didn't give inventory rights to your partner, just the ability to edit things that you own. It's a little confusing...took me a while to figure it out as well ^^
  15. I can see where the above comment is coming from, but I'd just like to say my bit. No, I don't think what happened should be classed as 'rape', because it wasn't...in a physical sense. I would personally class rape as a physical thing, but that's jsut me. Harrassment, yes. An attack, yes. Abuse, yes. Just because it was in a cybernetic environment, does not make the other three any less true. There isn't jsut physical harrasment in the world, or physical attaks, or physical abuse, is there? There are verbal and mental forms as well...which is what this was, in my opinion. I think, asking people to stop calling something like this harrassment because it's not physical, would be like asking us to stop calling mental torture abuse...it's a similar situation, as far as I can see. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, this is mine.
  16. Right, I don't know the answers to the first two qustions, but I do have a work around for the third question, about slurls. When you open the map page, if you highlight the url and copy it, then past it into chat whilst in-world, that will act the same was as a slurl (if you look at the address in the address bar forthe map, you'll see that it IS actually a slurl -ie, it says slurl in the name) Hope that helps you. ^^
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