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  1. I have heard various Lindens say flexible mesh will never happen, and we would be more likely to someday get proper cloth simulation.
  2. Oh, this is a positive development, maybe I *will* hold my breath after all! ETA - looking at their schedule I'm actually hoping that this might be looked at before the end of the year
  3. 04:40 – Did you know mesh clothing would be such a big thing? Charlar says people in beta were telling them that would be the big mesh thing. The Lindens were not sure what would be the case. I am utterly, utterly, gobsmacked by this. I can't believe that 2 years in testing and they *weren't sure that mesh clothing would be a big thing* I just can't get my head around that. What the hell did they THINK was going to happen when they gave SL clothing creators the option to finally ditch the poorly fitted, rigid sculpty/stretchy smeary texture method for the big kids modelling tools and clothing that moves properly with our SL skeletons?? Do they walk around NAKED??? No one I know in SL gets around naked, except for your occasional wide eyed newb who hasn't worked out how to scroll out to third person view! I find this utterly amazing. When will they learn - THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW PEOPLE USE THEIR SERVICE, AND MAYBE, JUST OCCASIONALLY, THEY COULD LISTEN TO US!!?! We need more votes on this jira - they need to know how important this is to us!
  4. This is awesome! Thank you Blender Gurus, this was the one big thing missing from 2.59 for me, my Blender life is now complete Works perfectly! --||-
  5. If you don't click make real, your bone weighting won't apply, and your mesh will just be a static one. Eta: Yay, glad it worked!! Good luck
  6. When you export, on the collada export properties, try checking the "use UV image mats" button. I was getting this error a bit earlier this year and I think it had something to do with vertices being unassigned to material groups. Using the uv as the material assignment sorted it for me. Then I switched to blender 2.59 and don't get any errors at all anymore
  7. Actually the beta was not full of 3D pros and those that weren't pro didn't have all that time to hit the ground running with their wondrous creations. The beta period had a few regular people desperately trying to figure it out as we went along, dealing with endless bugs, crashy viewers, crashy test sims, login issues, changing parameters, and the weight of trying to learn new software, new workflows, glossaries of unfamiliar terminology, while trying to keep the main business afloat, knowing you *should* be learning blender, but not wanting to waste days of productive time on something that wouldn't work anyway, and your time would be better spent making something for your business, oh and the deadline keeps getting pushed so there's no hurry anyway. Mesh isn't something to be afraid of, the bugs will be worked out, and the fact that there hasn't been a flood of new mesh products to the main grid should tell you that many of us are still figuring it out. The most frustrating thing now are the doom and gloomers refusing to see this as an amazing opportunity to bring SL into this decade, into the mainstream. No, they're all about hanging onto legacy viewers and refusing to budge their hip sliders. They are the ones nerfing it, not LL
  8. Yep normal/bump, specular and ao would do me just fine!!
  9. Actually I don't think car designs CAN be copyrighted. Logos, slogans and other trademarks are protected, but car designs, fashion designs, shoe designs, food designs etc aren't necessarily subject to copyright. Art like Mickey Mouse, the Simpsons, Sailor Moon, etc, those can be, as can be music and film. For example, if I make a shoe with a certain design element, I can't claim copyright over that idea. I CAN claim copyright over the artwork I have created using that idea, in this case, the 3D model that represents that idea in SL. But I can't say that no one else can ever use that style of heel because it was my idea. Anyone else is welcome to use that idea in their OWN DESIGN. And car designs fall under the same category. This here is a very interesting talk on this subject - worth watching. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/johanna_blakley_lessons_from_fashion_s_free_culture.html
  10. Zapplink is available on the pixologic plugins page, and lightbox is built into the Zbrush 4 toolset, you need to search google and youtube for tutorials on how to use them, it's not something that can really be taught in a few sentences in a forum post. Zapplink tutorials Lightbox/spotlight tutorials
  11. I used the zapplink plugin or lightbox, better control over where you are placing the texture than zproject
  12. Personally, one thing I like most about SL is that it does force creativity through not letting people take the easy path of just reproducing real brands in SL. There are many very cool SL exclusive brands that create products that would be viable on the rl market should their owners decide to go there. Would a little sole creator business painting excellent clothing designs onto the template take off in SL if Levi had a designer in world to replicate their massive and mass produced brand? The time for rl companies in SL has come and gone. They were all over it in 2007 when the news broke about someone making a million bucks in SL, but they soon realized that there is no drive by traffic marketing, that they had to actually adapt their marketing strategy to sl's audience, and that people in SL didn't care to wear poorly made photo source reproductions of rl brand labels. The Gap had a store in SL for a short time, and so did another big designer.. I want to say Calvin Klein but I don't think that was it - nothing in their pretty build was for sale! The SL population is not a "new" market that has never heard of coca cola and would be enticed to try it by seeing it in SL all of a sudden. Personally i'm quite happy not to have rl brands in my face everywhere i go in sl. Just like i dont want to see ads for coke or mercedes in world of warcraft. I don't really know what big rl brands would have to gain from product placement in SL at all to be honest. Probably why they don't do it anymore! I've had a lot of fun and challenges and learned a lot through creating my own viable virtual brand. It's taught me more about marketing than I ever thought I would care to know. Riding on the coattails of some established brand would be nowhere near as satisfying and I think I'd feel like a corporate puppet after a while, rather than a creative businesswoman. This is not to say it can't be done, if a company came to SL with their luxury brand, a clever marketing strategy, some ideas to make the product of more value to SL users rather than a hunk of (branded) junk in people's inventories, real artists and scripters to recreate their products, and people on board who have some clue about what makes SL great, then they would probably have a chance. till then, I'm happy to see what the little guy can do.
  13. Re: vehicles, I got the impression from the mesh meeting notes on the 1st of August that vehicles with higher PE will still work fine as long as the actual physics shape has a PE of less than 32. This comment from one of the Lindens appeared to completely go over all the heads of the people in attendance. Can someone confirm or explain this?  [12:14] Helena (helena.lycia) Doesn't this make it extremely difficult to create mesh vehicles and stay within physics limits? [12:15] Nyx Linden Helena - for making something physical you just need the physics weight to be under 32, not the entire prim equivalence
  14. The best application is the one you are most comfortable using. zBrush is excellent for texturing and people often overlook it's mesh building tools, but it is not free, priced at around $700 usd. Blender 2.49 is challenging because of an unintuitive interface, but from all accounts, blender 2,5 is a vast improvement in the interface arena. If I were just starting out, blender 2.5 is where I would start. Its a powerful tool, and then price is right. You can assign materials and I believe there is also a texture paint option, don't buy a package until you get serious about it . There is an extensive blender 2.5 tutorial series on the YouTube channel cannedmushrooms to get you started. If you are still looking for a "clay" type modeler that is free, pixologic has an application available called sculptris which should also work. eta: if I were making jewelry, blenders box or poly modeling method would be perfect.
  15. I have seen this bug before on some pants I was working on, I couldn't reproduce it with a similar mesh, but I found that moving the problem vertices on the inner legs further away from the centerline a little provided an effective workaround.
  16. It looks like you are uploading with lossless upload turned off, check that option when you upload, where you can preview the sculpt after you select it from your computer.
  17. The answer to your question is no, there are still no bones in the face to animate the mesh, it makes no difference what mesh you use. What you could to is create a replacement headless body that uses an alpha layer to just leave the actual avatar head in world exposed. Then you have the fun logistics of hiding seams and matching skin tones, but you could also continue to animate the face using an emoter HUD or whatever.
  18. Thanks for the replies, it sounds feasible. I'll download it and give it a try.
  19. For the last day or so when I login to Aditi using whatever mesh viewer I have (I've tried several) my worn meshes don't load, and in my inventory they say they are worn on an invalid attachment point. I can't detatch and reattach them, they detatch ok but refuse to reattach anywhere, and I can't upload new meshes either, they just eventually time out. Restarting the viewer several times and moving to another sim worked yesterday, but today I'm back to the same problem. Anyone else encountered this?
  20. Thanks for the info Nalates, looks like other weighted meshes upload fine, just the particular set I am testing. I will have to revisit them. I'll have a good read at that link, your help is most appreciated!
  21. Oh but now I can't upload my weighted meshes anymore. The older viewer uploaded them ok, between crashes, but as soon as I tick "skin weight" in the modifiers tab in the developer build, the upload button greys out. :smileymad:
  22. Mira!! Thank you so much for the link to the latest viewer build! It's so much better, I could kiss you! :smileyvery-happy:
  23. [rant] I just logged into the mesh beta viewer after a couple of months hiatus due to the frustration of using this viewer on these test sims. The viewer is buggy. Or the sims are buggy. I crash on uploading new models, or randomly walking around empty sims, the viewer never lets me log back into the place where I left - always throws me over to the Gibson sim, I cant detatch objects once they are attached unless I close the client and log back in, which takes a good 5-7 minutes, I can't see anything in my objects folder, at all, not even stuff I just uploaded in a previous session. I see why I stopped using it in the first place. How do you people keep coming back? My excitement about this mesh project is waning with every buggy, frustrating day. :( Meh. :( [/rant]
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