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  1. 250 is a basic average, Zena...not set in stone. LL's biggest economic mistake was shutting down the SLEx - they lost LOTS of economic flexibility with that move.
  2. I second sentient's comment. I, for one, have found the ability to hold and either sell or rent land out to be entirely fruitless with all the departures. Further, without a competitive currency exchange backed with the full faith and credit of SL, the best bargain won't be a virtual world of any kind, because the other virtual worlds I've seen and investigated have static currency exchange rates, from which a commission is deducted on sale, IF you can sell the currency back at all. Back before the banking crisis/scandal IRL, SL had it all. Since then, it seems to have thrown most of what it h
  3. I was on SL at 9:14 PST (same as SLT) to see whether Support was available, having been assured by the SL Grid Status report that it was back to normal. So I went to Premium Live Chat, and sure enough, Live Chat was unstaffed, an hour and 14 minutes after the stated Saturday opening of Live Support hours. I agree that the Ontynes I usually dealt with made no effort to resolve problems - they did a "Lockheed Shuffle" and told Premium Members - who pay not for "do it yourself fixing after being hand-held and pointed to Ticket Submission" but for REAL, LIVE PEOPLE TO SUPPORT WHAT LITTLE PAYING
  4. Raudf, there's only one word that can adequately reply to what you wrote: Amen!
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