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  1. Web Merchandise sales...hmmm...How much of those sales are Freebie Sales I wonder? The Marketplace is flooded with freebies , Mass produced templates, and cheapies to the extend that the Original real deal artists are getting buried in the searches. Those same artists are having to close down their Sims due to the Sim costs and lack of being able to generate the income in game to support their Sims. If Designers and Creators are going to have to Depend on Marketplace for income then Linden Lab seriously needs to take a look at lowering Tier costs Or look into some way to Downsize the freebies and cheapies on Marketplace so Creators can get their stuff seen and purchased for ITS WORTH because of the hard work they put into their creations. Too many people want something for nothing now a days due to the "Something for nothing" concept.
  2. Ok now this is just Stupid. Why would you do this to non profit and educators?! These people bring people INTO SL! Some people may not think it effects economy but it does. I happen to know one person in SL, who happens to have her Main Character and an educator, who has an alt she plays in IN world that spends well over 200US a month buying product in world for game play. I've never OUTRIGHT been miffed at LL but THIS does make me upset. Secondlife is supposed to be about community and that includes support of Non profit organizations! These people promote awareness on issues such as Aids, Autism, Disabilities, veterans..etc...it goes on and on! I'm sorry but this is just Out and OUT WRONG and Crazy. Not too long ago LL was going on about how it can be such a useful tool for Educators..etc. Now look. Such a shame.
  3. YOu could always use an alt yourself to get away from this person for a while. Once they give up, come back under your main. its a pain but it does work.
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