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  1. Here I am again. I'll have to pull out the old HD to find my first SL pic. Right now, I'm just impatiently waiting for my baby to come home. Waves to all the familiar names.
  2. Same as me, and I don't understand how IE users are able to install a non existent certificate.
  3. Fredrik Linden says in response to Hairy Thor: The SSL Handshake Failed is a known issue that is fixed and will be released in Viewer 2.5 Beta 2. Some users could fix this by opening their profile in Internet Explorer one time to import the SSL certificate properly on Windows. Give it a try while waiting for Beta 2!
  4. I've tried a few ways to try and get it to work, since it's the number one point you make about 2.5, but still, I get "SSL Handshake Failed" whenever I try to open a profile. It won't even allow me to open it in my own browser.
  5. Worked fine for me here in Canada. A great way to allow potential new users a glimpse of Second Life.
  6. Right beside the My Profile tab, there is another tab labeled, My Picks. If you have classifieds, They will be in the button at the bottom of that same tab.
  7. open any and all virus prgs and check the logs to see if slplugin.exe is being blocked. If it is, just select tthe allow button, or move to the allow window, depending on how your virus prg works.
  8. I noticed when I moved to ver 2.2, my virus prg recognized the slplugin.exe as malware. Allow it to access.
  9. I found that any changes I made to my nVidia card, I had to relog sl in order for the changes to take effect. Was much easier in 2.1 when you could allow the prg to control it.
  10. I'm disappointed that instead of fixing the antialiasing problem, it was just greyed out.
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