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  1. I do not HAVE to give any reason whatsoever, this is MY Opinion, MY view.
  2. Ok, Really? Why do I have to explain anything here? I have my reasons why I said what I did, so let's just leave it at that, Ok?
  3. Yes, that it does. And in my view, I found it disturbing. I made that plain and clear, so I don't see why you found it confusing?
  4. Maybe it is just my mood today, But I find this Image a bit disturbing.
  5. Ok, I would so love for this to happen I would ask to steal your response if it did! 🤣
  6. Ok, guess I have a Pet Peeve right now. I am getting tired of people (Well, one person in particular) Who IM's me with a Hello, how are you? If I see the message I will answer. But, a lot of times I just do not see it and so I do not reply. Then I will get another message saying, I said hello to you yesterday ( or whenever the message was sent) and you did not answer, I guess you didn't see it.... *sighs* This really ticks me off lately and I am biting my lip not to send back a really snarky answer.
  7. Well, my answer is this. No, just no. It is a long story I won't go into.
  8. You broke no rules in my book, RaeLeeH. It is a beautiful picture, and you look very happy in it
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