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  1. As always, Tess, a wonderful look 🙂 I love the shirt, where is it from please? 🙂
  2. After my meltdown of yesterday, today I am feeling a lot better. The crying did release a lot of tension I didn't realize I was holding onto. I fell asleep around 10 last night and did not wake up until 5 this morning, I have not slept that long of a stretch for a very long time. I know I needed it. Today has been alright, I kept busy and stayed away from the news and Social Media.
  3. Miserable is how I am feeling. I went into my Kitchen , opened the Freezer to get out a frozen pizza to make for dinner and suddenly I just stood there staring in at the two in there when my daughter asked me, Mom, which one should we have? I don't know what came over me but tears started falling down my face and she asked me what was wrong, I couldn't even talk I was crying so hard, I am just feeling so overwhelmed right now, I am worried about everything. My Mom is so far away from me and I can't get there to help her. My youngest son moved out last November and lost his job over this and I worry how he will pay for food, his rent. I am on the edge of totally falling apart, I wanted to walk out my front door and just keep going 😞
  4. I do too, and I really, really miss him, was so sad when he died 😞
  5. It is just that I am afraid to take anything for it, and I know that is foolish because I know Meds will help me with my Depression and Anxiety 😞 Been so long since I had a good nights sleep that it affects everything I do. And, thankyou Marigold, for your kind words.
  6. I have read this thread for a long time now, and I almost posted a few times but I did not. I love that people are here for each other no matter what. But, what has me posting today is the freaking, goddamned time change. I rarely get enough sleep as it is, if I get 3 or 4 hours a night, I consider myself lucky. So losing an hour just sucks. I feel so unreasonably angry about it that I am snapping at everyone in my life today, I have warned them that it is best if they stay away from me today and maybe the next few days. I just went off on my guy in SL for posting stupid crap on FB about how much he loves the time change and that it should always be this way . That was the last straw for me, yeah, some will think I am overreacting to this, but this on top of my depression getting worse, it just pushed me over the edge. 😞 Maybe, I just need a break from it all, and maybe it is time for me to stop waffling about taking the meds my Doctor is pushing me to take 😞
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