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  1. Today I am feeling extremely crabby and **tchy. I came close, so darn close to making a snarky reply to a post on the Photo thread but I held myself back realizing it would just incite more drama over there *sighs* It is just not fun anymore around here 😞
  2. Seicher, I agree with everything you have said here. This thread is just not fun anymore. I used to like posting here, but after *some* got butthurt over a few of my opinions I slowly just stopped posting. I am sorry you are leaving the thread because I really enjoyed your work.
  3. I like your work Ashlyn, you have an amazing eye and talent 🙂
  4. If you feel something is wrong, just end it, don't drag it out. I learned this from experience.
  5. As always, Tess, a wonderful look 🙂 I love the shirt, where is it from please? 🙂
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