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  1. You always have such interesting and lovely pics Coby, Makes me want to explore SL a lot more than I do
  2. Genus Classic head, updated with bug fixes. Skin is Ariana from Revoul.
  3. Would be nice to get to actually view the area, following the Link listed I am getting kicked off by a Security orb.
  4. I remember that, Hippie. The pics she posted made me smile, her Home on Spectrum was truly a home for her, it was a welcoming place to be. I remember lurking for a long time in these Forums and when I finally did post, she made me feel so welcomed. There will never be another like Val, I will miss her always
  5. Thankyou Maryanne, Tem and Syo. So many times we lose someone from SL that we have grown close to and when they disappear, sometimes we do not know why. But, this time, sadly we do. She was a truly kind, caring and wonderful woman, she touched many lives and I am so glad I met her. ♥
  6. Thankyou Madelaine, she was truly a wonderful person
  7. I am not sure how many of you remember Valerie, to me she was the most dearest, wonderful woman I knew, a great friend. I am sorry to say that my sweet friend Valerie has passed away To all of Valérie's friends, sad news. Val had a terrible fall on the stairs a few months back, and almost died. In her surgeries and treatments, we had hope she would recover. Unfortunately, her pain increased terribly, and a CTI scan before Christmas showed oral cancer, advanced. We talked with the doctors about possible treatments, and her chances of survival were not great. If you fe
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