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  1. Zugegeben ist dein Post schon eine Weile her, aber da ich das selbe Problem hatte, warum nicht :-) Das die Internetverbindung nach 30-60 Minuten SL komplett zusammenbricht liegt an der Art und Weise wie dein Provider dir deine IP-Adressen zuweist. Dienste im Web nutzen entweder das Internetprotokoll v4 (z.B. SL) oder v6. Darum braucht dein Modem auch 2 Adressen, eine IPv4 und eine IPv6. Der Provider hat 2 Optionen, dir diese beiden Adressen zuzuweisen: - "Echtes" Dual-Stack, damit hast du eine 'echte' IPv4-Adresse (und eine IPv6)...damit funktioniert SL - "DSLite" (Dual-Stack-Light), damit
  2. Make sure you are not wearing the mesh on a HUD-attach point, this would cause the 'only visible to wearer'-effect,
  3. The CHANGED_REGION shouldn't be involved at all, since the objects don't change their region. URL-refreshing of the in-world server usually works (on region restart and on rezz). One explanation left: the involved web-server was not reachable. If no other reports appear, then it might have been the case. (Unfortunaely I can't say if the 404 happened when the schrip called (a) another in-world object or (b) the web-server.)
  4. The first error message today came from another sim: You are in Sandor located at sim8848.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC LeTigre At far: 2 different LeTigre sims errored today. First error was at 9.12 SL-time.
  5. Hi Oskar, after the todays update I got a repeatedly error messages from my vendor-scrips that use http-requests (error 404, cap not found). I can not reproduce the errors (by clicking a vendor). Maybe it only happens when the sim handles an avatar teleporting or sim-crossing from/to the sim ? You are in Osbourne Beach located at sim8929.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC LeTigre
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