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  1. Took a bit of looking around, but I did find a way to use the HTC-Vive in SL. You need to use Revive to do it, but it works, well kinda. I found this blog about using the Occulus with SL, see http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2016/07/18/testing-ctrlaltstudio-viewer-1-2-6-43412/ After reading and testing the CTRLALTStudio's viewer, it works great with HTC-Vive and revive. See: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/viewer/releases
  2. Ooh, I never thought of that, being able to walk around and place items where you need them would be amazing! Secret Camino wrote: I seriously hope they make it Vive compatible! It would make for a much more immersed experience, Can you imagine actually building with your hands? Way cool ESPECIALLY with the new bento project!
  3. I've been trying the latest version of 'Revive' with out luck. It seems to detect if you use in stand-alone mode, But crashes as soon as you switch to HMD mode with [CTRL]-{SHIFT]-[D]. I do not even see a log entry. If you do not use 'Revive', as expected you see a generic error stating Second Live could not find the HMD. Hope they put in full HTC support soon. If I could show off SL in a HMD, I might drag back a few dozen players. Navajo Demar. Vinsin Naxos wrote Not the most optimal solution but theres one way you can play SL with the VIVE; I use Virtual Desktop with Firestorm and it runs fine; not 'true VR' but funtional and amusing. Secondly, has anyone tried to use the REVIVE projects injection into SL viewer, not sure if it'd work and not interested enough in trying it; but revive does convert several Oculus-running games into Vive usable. Might try it myself in .. well, days/weeks when I'm not so busy/interested in other stuff, like Dishonored/Subnatica .. but still!
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