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  1. I'd like to try out for the fruit. I can do an apple, orange, pear but I'm a great pomagranite !
  2. Did you just hijack this post with EverQuest loot ? Wanna go get dinner sometime ?
  3. When I find one that causes you to sprout fairy wings !
  4. Curse my deep, burly voice or I'd make a female avatar an make pork sausages pay me linden !
  5. So what if he just thought it looked nice ? If I liked a bracelet for a lady friend, I wouldn't care what role play community it was from as long as it looked nice and was well made. It's like magic, it's only real if you believe in the practice. I'd don't believe in Gor practice so it's just a bracelet.
  6. Punk rock isn't dead, and no I like my hair this way.
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