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  1. If you have the transaction number than you could contact billing support. Its a free call from most countries so it wont cost you more than the L$200 to try. Has Hali Checked their Transaction history for a matching transaction number? xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  2. Contact LindenLab And file a report. But dont hold your breath :-/ Because it says "Gift" I would be willing to bet that it was someone with your username and password rather than a malisious object. Often following 3 rules would prevent this. NEVER give out your pssword to anyone and if you ever do 'need' to do it then CHANGE it as soon as the reason is gone. ALWAYS check the address bar in a web browser to ensure that it contains "https://" AND "secondlife.com/" before putting your details in. NEVER use your secondlife password for other sites. Another way to have your password taken is to use a 'questionable' viewer. I have heard a lot of reports lately of people being 'hacked' not long after they have downloaded and used a viewer that they probably shouldn't have been useing to connect to SL. Good Luck xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  3. There are third party Linden Dollar Exchanges and most of them are quite legal and have a pretty good reputation. Some have even offered better rates than LindenLab, Though that is often only for a short time for a promo etc. You can view an old list of some of them here. BUT I would be extremly careful about choosing to use a thrd party over the Lindex exchange. These sites are not ran by LindenLab and it is at your own risk. LindenLab are not responsible for loss of monies for using them. So yes more than likely they are legal but Like most things there is a risk too. xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  4. Hiyas Witchwind. It sounds like you are having connection issues or you may have your bandwidth set to high in preferences. Try restarting your modem and computer and then logging into a quiet Sim like 'Sandra' and then TP or cross to one of the neighbouring Sims. You can change the setting to allow you to log in to a specific region under preferences before you log in. I got the impression that you may not have realised that a Sim is also called a Region so "Unable to complete region crossing in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes" simply means that your connection timed out before the servers could transfer your avatar to the next Sim. This will be directally related to your TP issues. If the restart of the modem/router and computer do not work. Check your speed at speedtest.net and make sure you are getting a good connection. If possible conect you computer via an Ethernet cable if you are on wireless and see if that helps. xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  5. Have you AR'd this person? If you use an online HUD to wait for them, then you have clearly seen them before and could just report them for griefing. If the are causing regions to crash the Lindens should act on it as long as the report has all the right details.
  6. There is noting about the hud that is not allowed by LL. The new TPV policy states that the viewer developers can not include the function in future releases and there was a mention of breaking the script that made these function BUT LL has decided to reconsider the script function change and for the time being they will leave it as it is. xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  7. It looks as though you have either been removed from their friends list(Their name will not appear in your friends list) OR They have chosen that you not be able to view their online status.(Their name will be in your friends list but you will not see them as onlie when they come online) xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  8. Create a group or chose a group you are currently the owner of. Then Click About land and "Set" it to that group. Check teh "Allow Deed" checkbox and then click the Deed button. The land is now owned by the group. Next invite the person into the chosen group and set their role to an officer. Make sure that the options for Set Land For Sale and Abandon Land are not avalible to them and as has already been said. If you dont want them to profit from the sale of the land make sure that the Pay/Recieve Group Liabilities is checked off for ALL other roles exept for the owner(you).
  9. In the 'About Land' Panel you will see the Option to abandon to Govenor Linden or just "Abandon Land" Click that and accept the prompts if you are sure you want to abandon it. Then you can downgrade your account from your Dashboard on the SecondLife website. under Account Status.
  10. This is a piece of code I came up with just now as I have a project coming up that will probably use it also. I havent compiled it so I hope there is not too many errors. But hopefully helpful for you and others too. //Define Varlist Object_list;//Define Functionlist Make_Inv_List(){list objects = [];integer l = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT); while(l){ string Object_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, --l); if ((PERM_COPY & llGetInventoryPermMask(Object_name, MASK_OWNER)) == 0) { //object was no copy objects = Object_name + objects; } }return objects;}//Start Defaultdefault{ state_entry() { Object_list = Make_Inv_List(); llSay(0,llDumpList2String(Object_list, " \n"));//Output the contents of "Object_list" for debuging } changed( integer change ) { if ( change == CHANGED_INVENTORY ) { //If the Inventory has changed Object_list = Make_Inv_List(); llSay(0,llDumpList2String(Object_list, " \n"));//Output the contents of "Object_list" for debuging } }} xoxo Lilmix xoxo
  11. One place I fount to be a brilliant source of practical examples of scripts and the way they work as well as having a great support group was the Collage of Scripting, Music and science. I will post the SLurl and the exact name if I got it wrong when I log into SL next unless someone here beats me to it. But you can search for the group in SL Search and ask in there for a LM to the collage. Also the NCI has some good scripting classes that cover the basics and even some more advanced topics ;-)
  12. llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(),"Object not Present at "+ (string)llDetectedPos(i)); This line was the one that stood out the most to me and made me think twice about the logic. I had only just woken up and it really did mess with me for a bit lol. Send an instant message to the owner saying "Object is not Present at the detected position it was not detected at". You really need a no_sensor and if you intend to remember the position of the objects then the pos should be remembered from the last time it was detected. Once it's gone it's a lil too late to look at where it was. Also I didn't want to repeat other peoples comments hence I havent mentioned anything someone else had already said.
  13. Usive wrote: Have to face it bud, the scripters are worse then convicts in a shower when you drop the soap when it comes to the inevitable, you just have to let them rob you blind. I kinda take offence to that comment... I have never felt like I have robbed someone blind. And if you feel that way you probably shouldn't be looking to get custom work done and just learn to do it yourself :-/ I often do modifications and small custom scripts as well as troubleshoot other peoples scripts for free. But yes I do charge for scripts that take hours of my time to get exactly the way the customer wants it. If I had thought about the fact that it is less that US$10 for up to 4,5 and sometimes 6 hours of my time I probably would have not even looked at taking on someone elses job and just continued with my own. Anyway.. To answer the OP's question in short. Yes. It looks like what you are trying to do is well and truly in the realms of LSL. I would recomend getting hold of a custom scripter and discussing all the details with them. Make sure they understand exactly what you are trying to do and get a quote before they start work :-D
  14. That would be known as busy mode... Turning a cell phone off does not tell the sender that you are not even on the planet...
  15. I send 1000s of IMs daily to about 100 consenting avatars that ONLY want to receive them while online. I can understand their choice to only receive them while online as I would hate to imagine their inbox otherwise... The idea of a HUD has occurred to me but who is going to pay for the time to create a new system with the ability to handle this many requests reliably? Inter sim prim to prim communication is not a simple fix due to a lot of dynamic changes. If I was to chose a base station style setup then who is going to provide the 100s of prim space required for each user to Rez their prim? Not every use of this function is for delivery reasons witch is why delaying the breaking of it till after deliveries are more realizable is absolutely useless to me. I may consider an off world database to keep track of avatars OL status.
  16. I believe (I was not the one to remove it so I can't be certain) The reasons may have been that, though you raise some valid points, You also expressed your personal feelings on the matter in a strong way that may be taken offensively by some. The way it was read(how I read it anyway) did not seem to be about the case that the Jira was aimed at so much as maybe aimed at the people that suggested a 'fix'. Remembering that the request of the support case was to "Restrict LSL's avatar online status checking to respect avatar's privacy setting". There was a few... Ummm... Name calling as well as another suggestion worthy of it's own jira if you really meant it and wanted to open it (having the 'hide' option removed all together). But no points as to why or how the original goal should or shouldn't be met.(I doubt many people saw "right to lie that some of you want to call privacy" as a 'valid' point) ;-) I do think that you use for the function was more than valid(keep an eye on your alts and their friends) but maybe without so much of the personal thoughts. Basicaly I think that the Jira is more a place for a 'technical' expression, and the Forums could be more your personal view on the matter As I said. I wasn't the one to remove it and I was not in their head when they did remove it, but I can promise that you are not the only person to have a post removed from that Jira in the last few days
  17. Luvis DeCuir wrote: Hey Cinnamon, I am with you all the way, and yet another voice in opposition to these rediculous changes. I have had a post I left on the Jira removed twice in the past 24 hours, along with all the comments left in support in what I had to say, so I am posting here, just to feel like there is actually freedom of speech and what I have to say is valuable. Here is that post: They were removed because they didn't belong on a Jira... They belong here on a forum...
  18. I agree completely here but in fairness. The LL viewer is actually capable of viewing the same object the same way because the LOD is not exclusive to the TPV in that case.
  19. Linden lab never said they were removing any friends list or indicator for friends from the website or viewer. This is a topic reguarding Third Party Viewers remember? They plan to break the LSL function that allows scripts to see the true online status and in turn breaking the online indicator in Phoenix and countless products and scripts in the process. Furthermore the argument that you need to see another persons viewer so you know what they can see is a pointless argument. ALL viewers will HAVE to display the same objects etc the SAME. This is the shared experience part of it all...
  20. How can you compare volunteers to paid developers? TPV teams provide the viewers, support sites and file hosting space for their viewers for FREE as a community service. LL developers are PAID to work, often FULL TIME. I honestly don't care if you are a basic member,premium member or Concierge. And I doubt they do either... They are going to get their pay check come pay day anyway. As any employee of any company should get for working their jobs. The LL developed viewer is created by full time employees of a company with unlimited acces the the "back end". And with knowledge of all upcoming features/code fixes. TPV are developed form the code that LindenLab supply and only the information within that code and LL wiki pages that helps them connect to the server 'features'. LindenLab have basically said that the TPV developers can create a new skin/interface and put it on v2/3. "And new feature ideas must go through us". Will the programming credits go to the developers that submitted their code to LL for approval? Or will it be claimed that all code submitted becomes property of LL? And if LL doesnt like the idea? What then? *coughs...Multi attachments...coughs* Historically LL have NOT approved these ideas and changes as they are "too complicated", "too expensive" and "not what we believe our users want". Yes Emerald created Multi attachment points against the wishes of Ll and hey look... After LL saw people used them and wanted them they decided that it could be a good idea to add them. Phoenix has windlighting... Guess what LL are doing now? Physics, GUI changes, inventory changes... The LL viewer is driven by trying to keep up with TPVs. Now TPVs are being forced to stay one step behind... Or become an illegal viewer? Then the rationality of LL. Breaking a well documented LSL function that is widely used around the grid JUST because it was used in a bridge of a TPV. I am beginning to see why people are hesitant to call lsl a programming language... There is no stability at all... Viewer tags are broken. I don't know if you have listened to the audio yet. The Developers were the LAST to know after it was done. "If you edit appearance you will see them dissapear in this region and Tuesday, across the grid". Regarding the lsl function. "I am aware that some of you have used lsl to find true online status. This is not allowed and we are breaking the function that allows it". They won't 'fix'the function to actually hide the status of a user that wants to be hidden as per the jira request, that costs too much money... Instead just break it... No one will care... Well LL don't think so anyway... And one more quote that has me rethinking my position in Secondlife as compared to other grids... "We will give you the links and some time so that you can tell your users to blame us"... THEY KNEW FULL WELL THAT PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE HAPPY! They claim they have changed with new management yet are happy to ride on the old reputation of "Blame it on the Lindens" how about not giving us anything to blame you for? Just my lil rant... There honestly is only one thing holding me from selling all my regions and closing my account. And I can say without a doubt, It's no thanks to a Linden...
  21. What about bots? How can I check that a bot is online before sending a support group invite from a script inside the box of a customers newly purchased product? Also what about notecard despensers that I have made that send a help card to the person based on the viewer they are using?
  22. Pacificghost wrote: I'm a rookie here. What is a script? Is it like a program? Scripts make the grid go round. :-D They make basically everything in the virtual world happen. From something as simple at making an object say "Hello Avatar" to running a grid wide vending system, moving vehicles, connecting a TPV to the SL world, HUDs, Security, Media, Games, etc... The list goes on and on... See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Tutorial and other parts of the knowledge base/wiki for more info ;-)
  23. It is a Modem/Router, so It has a routed built in,
  24. Thankies, HTTP GetTextures is disabled but it didnt do much difference :-(
  25. I did everything on this list, and yesterday SL ran perfect, but I logged in today and after <10mins I was logged out and it started over again :-(
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