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  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking for places that sell good to high quality egyptian statues that are either in mesh or sculpt.(Let's face it prims are too sharp) I've been looking long and hard but haven't been able to find any place that is satisfying! So please, if you have any ideas as to where I can get some let me know!! Thanks in advance!
  2. That's what about 98% of the 99% think. They are good with their lifes and don't have anything to complain about. Change doesn't happen that way. :smileyvery-happy:
  3. Worse thing is, someone can do the same in RL. People will lie to lie. Becareful of demagogy!
  4. I agree with you that the Occupy ........ movements all around the world have a solid point. But let me ask you this question, when people create a movement that says they are the 99% of the population, why are there only 1% of the 99% showing up to protest? In countrys like Canada who has a middle class thats very good where it is, people don't have much to complain about. In some parts of the world, the demands of this movement make much more sence and are very well based then in other parts. The U.S. is the perfect example of social inequalities and even to say political inequalities. The change can only happen if everyone was to rally. The movements around the world are still to develop, some might fade away while others intensifie. As for SL, I don't have problems with merchants. My wife shops more then I do and whenever she has a problem with a merchant, she gets help within a very reasonable amount of time!
  5. I always thought it was another company that did the payment transactions, oh well!
  6. Since I have downloaded Viewer 2.6.2, I have been runnin into this issue myself. I think i will create a Jira for this issue. I get dissconnected from the internet soo much now, and i doubt its a Router issue.
  7. Me & my wife are premium members, and our tickets are always getting answer real quick. All the tickets that we send in get a response within the next 24 hours. Sometimes within the next 12 hours. And sometimes right after it went in the system. My experience with LL support has always been good, never bad. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but we still get the answers. And we dont live in the US.
  8. I was happy to be able to pay my Tier fees! And as for the Linden part, I can wait a lil longer, don't need much L$ for now! Just glad LL didnt freeze my account because the system didnt charge me, but its all clear! @entity0x : Linden Labs told you their is an issue, and they are working to fix it. So a "theft charge" might seem useless. You file those in when a company refuses to give you the services that you payed for. Linden Labs doesn't refuse to give you them, they are just sayin wait untill we can fix the bugs that are happening.
  9. I am left to wonder, why didn't you downgrade your account on the website? It is the only way to stay out of trouble. And I believe you were not very well informed on how it all works. One of the first things you should of done was to check how you cancel a contract that you pay for, that way you make sure that when you don't want to pay for it anymore, it can be easier to cancel. And I have a premium account, and i use lots of land, and i love it. I dont think that your experience brings "down" the value of Premium account. Linden Lab gives us ways to downgrade our accounts, but if we don't downgrade the account, they will need to charge your account because you didn't ask to get downgraded. Sorry to hear that this happens to you, but I think that if you have a good Skin Business, you should be able to make enough money to pay off the 72$ they are asking for with no problem! Good luck!
  10. Actually, I might have the answer to your problem. My wife has a Mac, and she could not log in usin SL V 2.6.3. There is a known issue with it. So your best bet right now is to get V 2.2. Why V 2.2? Because if you get V 2.6.2 it will end up continously asking you to upgrade! It is very ridiculous, but what can you do? As for now, I hope LL will get to it soon. Seems many others have the same issue.
  11. I got no favourite from this forum yet. But the old forum, was fun to read! :smileyvery-happy: I am still figuring out this forum. Hopefully new people join "the crowd" on these forums :smileyhappy:
  12. How it works; when you buy land on the main land, you pay tier. And also you need to be a premium member, but if you ask me, it pays itself off because LL gives you the weekly stipendy. Now as for a 16 384 sqm parcel, the pricing depends on the location of the land, what are the components and if sim is active. My wife & I payed around 8.39L$/sqm for our 16 384 sqm land.(around L$137, 500) But our 16k has some quiet great things. It has a beach theme. It has a great sunset view, and the sim, is a low lag sim. So really, the pricing depends on where the land is.
  13. You are definatly right. A world full of kids can make as much money as a world full of adults. Look at Habbo for instance. Should tell you a lot!
  14. What Blondin said. I had troubles at first to age verify, and didnt anyone tell people that you just dont use the Automatic age verification system? Never worked, never will :smileyvery-happy:
  15. I would ask, might you be usin a Mac? If Yes, the recent release of V2.6.3 has a bug for Mac users. Look in the jira, one was created about that issue.
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