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  1. Shadow Lands is a sim based loosely on the Shadowlands book series. But instead of a club, we have built an entire community who live and practice daily the D/s relationship. Where it is normal to see a Dom leading his girl on a leash down the side walk or to see a submissive kneeling at her Masters side at a 5 star restaurant. Shadows Lands is a community in which the taboo is welcomed and embraced, long as it is within the D/s and BDSM structure. For more information contact Aether Quinote! There are many secrets in life you may keep from others. Within the confine of the Shadow Lands, the burden of concealing your deepest, darkest pleasures can be set free. Welcome to a community in which the taboo of bondage and submission are welcomed and embraced. Thanks are owed to the creators, the founding family, the Carami's. Achal, the head of the house hold acquired the land through a business acquisition. Having the lovely Kyriah at his side, thought of a home where he and his pet would not hide their relationship. The Shadow Lands was born, and slowly developed into a private community. The rising sun sheds it light over a bustling city, storefronts and restaurants. As it sets, the shadows overcome the city, resting along a mysterious club. Darkness in folds the doors of Shadow's Fall, the premier BDSM club of the community. Within it's walls, the Sirs of the club explore the wonder and beauty of the submissives. When the doors close for the evening, and the eroticism and kink have all left for the night, one can find their self along the door step of the Lick Her Bar. Dancing women, and alcohol a must when visiting. Discover a community, where your dreams of being naughty and finding the punishment befitting will come true. Discover a community, where respect and honor, will be earned and given upon your deeds within Shadow's Fall. A home, a family, like no other.
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