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  1. This is actually quite nice. I relaly like how its layed out and would like to see it released very soon. Very organized and user friendly, makes things a lot easier with everything in one box, yeah, it may block the view but you can easily resize it. You can also change transparencies in the colors box, inactive and active windows so thats an easy fix as well.
  2. I made a cool looking winter ice preset for teh water and I would like to find it and send it to friends, is there a way I can do this? I am on windows 7 64 bit.
  3. I saw an awesome new feature in sl today there was a scripted object that when clicked instead of asking to type something in a channel in chat, it pops up in a viewer menu box with a text entry field. it would be cool if titlers did this, so for example, it's time to change someone's title, it says something like JoeC Mixmaster needs a new title! Click here to give him one! and when someone clicks the link, it opens the menu box to give a new title, instead of typingi n a channel in chat. Same for the contest boards when setting the theme.
  4. I liked them better on the bottom any way to change it? also would like tabs for ims in local chat window like on firestorm
  5. it would be really great if we could disable certain hotkeys, like for example, the home teleport. Sometiems when I try and hit the key to pop open my groups or friends list, my finger bumps the h key and teleports me home at the same time when trying to do ctrl-shift-g or f. Gets frustrating especially if I'm on a date and I disappear on my girl...doesn't look too good for me. So if we could disable that it would help out a LOT!
  6. 1 thing taht would be very useful is if we could save layouts on our lands. For example, if we set up our house a certain way and we end up having to move, then we could save our layout, when we get to the new land just hit a button and it would load the layout as it was on the other land pulling everyting from your inventory to set it up. This way, moving isn't such a hasstle trying to find everything and get it back into place. Also, aligning prims. When building it would be great if there was an option in the edit window to automatically align objects that you are trying to put together.
  7. to cut down on script usage, I suggest making huds an add-on installation into the sl client itself instead of an in-world attachment. The more scripts an avatar has attached, the more laggy the sim becomes. And when a sim becomes laggy it gets very frustrating when trying to move and do things. so, there's one of 2 ways this could be done. 1, when sellers sell huds with their products, once the product is purchased a downloader would open on the client that would download and install the hud automatically, or provide a download link to download ande install manually, or have the downloader in
  8. ok just a couple more suggestions then i'm done for a while 1. Keyword alerts. If someone says your name or says something to you while you're in another window, it would be nice if tehre was a sound to notify you when someone says something so you can go back and respond right away. 2. if someone wants to hide the address bar, it would be great if it could do like firstorm and show place info up on the menubar then with one click it would show about land details.
  9. Sorry I hope you all aren't getting tired of me now lol I have a few more suggestions to add. 1. Built-in AO that will allow users to import notecards and animations from AOs so they will not have to wear an AO hud, this would increase the script load a lot as most advanced aos use a lot of scripts. 2. There is a very useful feature in firestorm called area search. you can search for objects to find in your area. Let's say you lost something you put out for decoration and you can't find it. This tool will let you find it easily. It's in the world menu. 3. IDK if I added this one alerady, but i
  10. 2 more suggestions from me. 1. Allow users to fully customize the colors of not just loca lchat text, but also interface color such as menu popups, UI colors, etc. 2. add different shapes and effects to selection beam such as rainbow color changing effect, circles, spiral, etc. 3. built in radar with chat range warning so scripted radar huds are not needed. Option to turn on alert when someone enters and leaves chat range, leaves and enters teh region, and draw distance.
  11. 2 suggestions both for thenearby chat alerts. 1, I really like the song titles feature in firestorm. It would be great if that could be brought over to the main second life viewer, so when music is played it will show you i nchat as system emssages what song is playing currently. Example: [16:14] Now playing: Carpenters - Superstar 2, another nice feature is the friends offline/online in local chat. It would be nice if this could be put in the main viewer as well. As well as allowing tabbed main chat history window to have ims docked in it like in firestorm so there is one central window to fo
  12. It would be nice if the ability to restrict land/sim access based on billing information on file would be removed. Me and my wife wanted to go shopping for a new house. We found this one place that has some houses, however I do not have payment info on file and she does, so I could not go with her. It shouldn't make any differents weather we have billing info on file or not to go somewhere. This needs to be removed. It's not really fair to people who earn their money another way that want to go shopping in second life.
  13. Quite a while ago, i think it was back in june maybe, my ex had gotten me this really nice tv, the VEA 2 Full HD 1080p tv from the marketplace, however, i see no record of taht in my order history or anywhere in my account, and i lost the tv and need a redelivery, but i cannot get that redelivery unless I have proof of purchase or something saying taht it was bought for me. Is there soem way I can view records of gifts purchased for me and their order numbers? This tv is over 1000 and really can't afford to buy another one, but it's a really nice one lol.
  14. Thank you very much i will try that... Yes my computer is windows vista has dual core processor nvidia geforce graphics card I cant remember the number
  15. Ok i know there have been similar posts but... After the latest release of the sl viewer, 3.0.0, every time i try and log in, no matter where i try and start, it iwll do the loading screen, then when it is about to show me in world the viewer just suddenly closes no warning, I can't figure out why, I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times with no results, I have resulted to using viewer 1.23, as that is the only one that works for me at the moment, i would really like to ues viewer 2 though, as taht has more features and allows ofr more group space, does anyone have suggestions on what
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