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  1. Great work, Darren! It's amazing what a difference especially the hair and the glasses make.
  2. I agree with Pamela. The style card is something that is *sold* with the other items. However, I would also have a bad feeling if I asked, as it could be understood this way: the avatar in the pictures is beautiful, but I don't want (or worse: like) the things you created for it . Hmm... It would at least be wise to choose words very carefully when asking.
  3. Was mir noch dazu einfällt, um das Ganze vielleicht zu retten, wäre, selbst eine Box zu rezzen, sie in die entsprechende Form zu bringen, das gewünschte Foto als Textur zu verwenden, und diese Prim dann dicht über den Rahmen zu platzieren. Da der Rahmen nicht modifizierbar ist, kann man die beiden Objekte zwar nicht zusammenlinken, aber als "coalesced objects" speichern, d.h. im Edit-Modus beide Objekte markieren und dann ins Inventar nehmen. Edit: Das ist natürlich nur eine Notlösung. Was es zum Rahmen selbst zu sagen gibt, hat valerie schon perfekt erklärt.
  4. Sorry, I have no idea what's wrong with your Linden Home, but as you have a premium membership, I would contact support via Live Chat If I were you. (Help > Contact Support > Live Chat). If they can't help you there is still the possibility to submit a ticket (If you open a new support case choose "Land & Region" - "Linden Homes Issues"). I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible.
  5. Guck mal da. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Deutsche-Knowledge-Base/Verkaufen-von-Artikeln-im-Marktplatz/ta-p/1443499
  6. You can also use a scanned copy of your ID card or your passport . What they want to see is an official document which shows your real name and date of birth for verification purposes. If you create a support case, choose Account Issues > Change Account Details. As far as I know, you can add the scanned document as an attachment to your case.
  7. Hallo Ted, du loggst dich einfach mit deinem Usernamen auf der Website von Second Life ein und klickst auf Account (Ich lasse mir die Seiten auf Englisch anzeigen und weiß leider nicht, ob das in der deutschen Version anders heißt, Mitgliedschaft oder so). Darunter solltest Du einen Button finden, der Premium Membership (wahrscheinlich Premium-Mitgliedschaft) heißt. Wenn du auf den klickst, öffnet sich auf der rechten Seite ein neues Fenster, und dort klickst du ganz unten auf die deutsche Entsprechung für Basic Membership. Auf der Seite steht dann auch, welche Konsequenzen das Downgraden hat. Siehe diesen englischsprachigen Artikel in der Knowledge Base (eine deutsche Übersetzung habe ich leider nicht gefunden.) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Premium-membership/ta-p/1054477#Section_.7.1
  8. I agree that it can be annoying sometimes. However, I think I saw something free on the marketplace recently. Just search for Unicode. Edit: You should be able to copy the special characters to the field where you enter your display name.
  9. This is true. My original shape that I worked on for years until I thought it looked natural has much smaller boobs too and simply doesn't work with mesh :matte-motes-frown: Right now everything seems to be compromises almost no one can be really happy with. Like you I do hope the day is not so far away when the deformer will finally be implemented!
  10. I am no creator and I don't know. But maybe the creators of the hair you are talking about try to do their best that one hair can be worn with all standard sized mesh clothing? A size L has of course bigger boobs than a size XXS. I am a size M and I have seen both. Hair which hovers above my breast , but also (very) few that were too small which I personally think is even worse. It would be great if mesh hair would fit us all perfectly. At the moment I think it can't be done...
  11. Rolig hat Recht. Leider gibt es telefonischen Support nur in Englisch. Hast Du schon versucht, im Hilfe-Portal den Support zu kontaktieren? Dort kannst du einen Fall einreichen, indem du ein Formular ausfüllst. siehe: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Deutsche-Knowledge-Base/Den-Kunden-Support-kontaktieren/ta-p/809287
  12. Sometimes things which vanished also go to the Lost and Found Folder after a restart of the region.
  13. Keli Kyrie wrote: I respect Real Lifers for their courage in mixing their Real Lifes with there Second Lives, that is a really hard thing to do, but it is not for everyone. I mean do you really want your mom or your boss to know what you do in here? Some people are in SL to have fun, to game, maybe even to test social limits and push buttons. If we can look at things from the right angle I think we can learn how to react to each other without blowing a gasket. In your OP you asked "how do you deal with the Real Lifers that want to set rules for how you are to live your Second Life..." Your answer to my post gives me the idea that I might have misunderstood whom you see as Real Lifers. For me Real Lifers like these are persons who begin a conversation with the age/sex/location questions and expect me to tell them the story of my RL and also to use voice/cam, because if I didn't I certainly had something to hide. This is something different from people who just act the same way in SL and RL and are willing to share information about their RL.
  14. The way you describe it, I also think that Puff and Scruff are rather harmless and I wouldn't mind if they tried to have a little fun. So as long as they don't carry it to excess, I would let them. If I would like to make friends with them depends on other things. And regarding Real Lifers telling me what or what not to do, I will tell them once and politely that I'm not not going to observe their rules. If they don't stop then, I'll just walk away. I would probably not mute them right away, but ignore them until they come up with another topic. However, I doubt that I could be friends with Real Lifers, because our view on Second Life is simply too different. Which doesn't mean that I would not tell people who I trust some things about my RL. I'm not interested in having anyone banned (with a few exceptions maybe, i.e. if I saw under age play). If someone annoys me personally, I just want that they stop doing it.
  15. AceZero2 mentioned a car. I think that's a good idea. Maybe a boat would be nice too. If you can't use it at your home, there are quite a few rez areas across the grid. The good thing about it is that you could both use it and have fun with it when you are back.
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