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  1. A friend is earning ~700-800 each month. He's verified by his bank and from same country like me.
  2. No clue, but a lot of opinion, eh? Linden Lab did exactly that since years after verified over Paypal. Same at other companies. Steam, Google and much more - Users are buying games, apps, mods etc., creators made. Well, digital goods. No, no fraud at all. But you're so vain that you can't see other options and assume fraud directly. No comment. Whatever. As i said, i'm out here. Have fun.
  3. I _never_ had to sent a copy of my ID card for that ever. Paypal for example uses a safe procedure instead of this 1990s oldschool-id-card-copy-thing. Paypal is (not only) providing a flag if the account is verified at them or not. That's more worth than any id-card-copy ever will be. It was allowed here at me from 2017 until 06/2019. Since then scan/photography of id-card is very restricted again. So, no i can't for that case. oh... ok, genius: why other US companies don't have to do it THAT way then? and why most are accepting Paypal verification status? who's level of ignorance is more staggering? but i'm out here, i found a good solution / plan B, just in case it's needed. have fun all.
  4. They won't be able because Linden Lab will have high punishments in Europe or no business in Europe anymore at all. Microsoft and Facebook for example had to learn it the hard way as well. And personally i don't blame Linden Lab for following laws. I blame stupid laws then for disrespecting other countries laws and not accepting international standards.
  5. Maybe. No idea. Linden Lab's skills are not exactly in clear and transparent communications, that's not exactly new.
  6. Already logical thinking should be enough to get it, that nobody can verify if there isn't any altered data at a scan/photograph or verify that the person who did or sent the scan/photography simply doesn't have to be the owner of the ID document. That's just a few reasons, why this procedure is completely bs and doesn't make sense at all. There are good reasons, why Paypal for example is doing it the proper way.
  7. My connected Paypal account is verification enough, since they verified my identity with my linked bank account. Also Linden Lab is getting enough personal information from Paypal. That have to be good enough. Period. If not, it's probably finally time to say goodbye. Probably to US based services generally. I'm tired of this spying and data collecting. PS: Are/Is the US/Linden Lab aware that making copies (also includes photography/scan etc.) of official ID documents is forbidden (falsification of documents) by law in some countries? Just wondering...
  8. I have issues! It all was so thrilling that i forgot to remove the tea bags for more than a hour. Result: Tea is cold now and damn strong.
  9. Hmm. Working fine for me with FS in FS mode. *stops scheduled singing until next unscheduled DDoS wave*
  10. errrrr... Linden Lab is doing scheduled DDoS too?
  11. Let me be clear. Your posts are pointless then and just trolling.
  12. I prefer to keep singing until SL is working!
  13. *takes AliciaMarie by the hand and sings the refrain with her for hours and watches the SL Offline Graph while that*
  14. To get booted again, as soon we're in? Online Interruptus? ^^ We're all Rickrolled! Everybody now: "Never gonna give you up, ..."
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