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  1. Pussycat Catnap wrote:

    If the only reason you're in SL to begin with is to make L$, perhaps you're better off leaving. 

    Wow. I've been in SL many years. I've put my heart and soul into it. Never for the money, but because I wanted to create the nicest products that I could, offering as much customer service as I could. Because it was my passion to do so and because I wanted my customers to get the best. Meanwhile I've had a wonderful social life in SL and helped my friends as much as I could. 

    Maybe it's better to know someone before you judge someone.

  2. Hey guys. I'm leaving SL. It was a great ride, but now it's time for me to go.

    With my shop Symfurny Furniture I was pretty successful. Over the past few years I've created  some nice furniture, hammocks, couples animations, sand writings and much more. I've worked my way up, bought my own sim and made some money.But now the end is here.

    The reason: I also have a RL business and I can't combine it anymore with SL. Especially the changes in Search took too much time for me to survive in SL. I think this is a major fault by LL, together with the new viewer. But LL won't change and won't listen to their customers.

    So this is the end for me. I thank all friends and customers and wish you all a wonderful 2012 !!

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