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  1. I would like to go back tp a free accoung, how do I acomplish that? I am only eble to upgrad from that page, there is no option to down grade. From the land user fees page the $0.00 dot is gray and unable to click that
  2. lol your absolutly right. he should sue for misrepresentation. I'd be pissed.
  3. lol that goes on there too, lmao.. if you can imagine it.. good bad or indifrent... It goes on there... there are well over 4 million people in SL. people that do taboo things there are fior sure not doing them in real life... all it is is a virtual fantasy world. It's not reality.
  4. your right. that isn't all it's about, people can come here and be creative, meet people, it cab be a hobby. people can take real life classes. There are religous grops and sims can do Bible studies. There are role play sims where any one can be any thing they desire to be. It can be a wonderful place, It's not all about sex. Any thing any human can imagine in the mind can be experienced in SL. Wonderful things happen there, people who may be handicaped that can never have children, can meet some one and experience that in there and experience all the feelings. the mind is a very powerfu
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