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  1. Thank you all for taking time to answer my (stupid) question, I should have read more carefully. I never used Linden homes. Are they any good? If not, as I see it, I'm just missing out on L$ 3000 in exchange for better support.
  2. Lavalois, Thanks. I Probably only read "created before 2006" and missed the "upgraded" So there is no need to upgrade to premium again. If I become premium now ($72 a year), I don't get the first-time L$1000, so I get 52* L$300 = 15,600 If I buy L$ at the current rate $71 +$1 transaction fee, I get just over L$18,200. ( I know I don't get the 512M land or premium support or voice morphing)
  3. Hi guys, I have an old account (2004) , and consider going premium again. I have been premium in the past, and have a basic account now. I'm not sure if the rules below apply for me if I upgrade _again_. Am I still entitled to the L$ 500/week if I upgrade? Thanks Riff
  4. The only think I'm not certain about is this part of the ToS: You understand and agree that without a written license agreement with Linden Lab, we do not authorize you to make any use of the Linden Marks. The name "xxx Linden" could be a Linden Mark, so I wouldnt be allowed to use that. On the other hand, your example of satire and comedy seems valid. This was use of an actual Linden name for a humorous reason.
  5. Besides that, I'm curious how a Linden can be present, but not show on radar. If you are somewhere private, and keep an eye on the radar to see if anybody is near, a Linden still could be in chat range without you knowing it.
  6. Yes, it was in a different color. So it obviously wasnt being said by a Linden. Maybe a 3 day old would think it could be a Linden, but I dont think a 3 day old knows what a Linden is.
  7. It wasn't a title, I said that to keep the topic title simple It was a RLV device that replaced her chat with "xxx Linden says:..." And I agree, if you wear it, and you get instructions in local chat about how to set it, it's at your own risk. But I think the AR report-threat is based on me setting it to a Linden name. That's why I asked.
  8. Yesterday I was somewhere and all of a sudden a Linden was standing behind me. That was creepy, because he didn't show on my radar. I even asked him how that was possible, but he was in IM with the sim owner, he said. About half an hour later, somebodies RLV device said in open chat that we could set her name. I set it to be that of the Linden that visited earlier. I thought that was funny. The victim didn't have a titler or anything, but instead of speaking it now said, in a different color "xxx Linden says..." The victim is now threatening me with an Abuse Report, unless I a
  9. I don't remember any major outage either. I posted here because I couldn't log in. Within half an hour there was an announcement on the Grid Status Page. I only posted here because it wasnt there when I had my login issues. I'm not complaining.
  10. OK, I'm back in... apparantly it was a temp hickup.
  11. Same here.. I couldn't TP, so I logged off, and have been trying to get back online again for 15 minutes now. I was about to open a new topic. I don't see anything on the status page.
  12. Thanks, it sounds like a good practise, and I will try your tips
  13. I'm working on a MLP object. I got the basics, I can add stuff and rez objects and so on. But when I wear the object as a HUD everything is rotated, both poseballs and rezzed objects. I tried rotating the HUD but that doesnt seem to make any difference. It's a pain to rotate everything one object at a time. Am I missing something? Is there a way to make everything rez the same way with the rezzed object and when I'm wearing it as a HUD?
  14. Recently I switched to "KPN Interactieve TV", a package deal offered by my ISP, so I have my phone, internet and television in one package. I got a new modem, the Thomson TG789vn aka KPN Experia box. Last week I realized that my voice isn't working anymore, and after spending 2 days googling it turns out that my ISP is blocking port 5060 (or rather, reserved port 5060) So I guess my question is only for Dutch residents using KPN Interactieve TV over a Thompson TG789vn: Did anybody get voice working again? When I log in over the web interface I can't NAT port 505 When I try to t
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