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  1. Hello! I'm not script-savy, but I can "manage" code as long as I have working examples. I need to apply BoM textures to an object through code. The UUIDs appear to be available, but I'm not sure what I'm meant to do with them. Could anyone provide a quick example or explanation? Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wow, it works! I restored all of the collision joints and did another tests. Now the result is near identical! Don't really understand how that all works, but as long as it works I can finally move forward. Can't thank you enough! I should have sought help longggg ago.
  3. Fascinating! I'm not using Mayastar, by the way. I only purchased Mayastar to observe the Mayastar shape sliders and what they were doing. Mayastar seemed made for rigging clothes instead of characters, and it also seemed best to learn how to rig fitted mesh from scratch. So, does the part about removing unused influences only apply to a Mayastar workflow? I'll try again, though, keeping all of the collision joints and using the settings you recommended Thank you
  4. Thanks for the response Optimo I use Maya 2018. Does this mean you get accurate results when you move/scale the collision joints in maya? I'm not sure what part of my workflow would helpful, but I'll try to mention everything. I start by importing the fitted mesh skeleton into a Maya scene, followed by my character model. Modifications are then made to the skeleton, removing joints I dont need, like collision joints i dont plan on using. I adjust the position on joints a bit to match my character model, then do a test Bind Skin. I'll attach a screenshot of my bind skin settings. At this point, I always upload to SL to make sure it recognizes the joints/skeleton, and to ensure nothings oriented improperly. Back in Maya, I start painting & refining weights, and this is basically the stage I'm stuck at now, unable to figure out what the SL shape sliders do to the collision joints to increase/decrease the size of the mesh. Belly Test I'm attaching a screenshot to show the difference between SL and Maya. I added the values mentioned in my original post to the BELLY joint. I'll show the channel box for BELLY as well. The weights applied to the belly are just for testing, so they're really rough but it showcases the problem. I'm having. Hopefully this helps! What do you do to test your collision joints?
  5. THIS problem has been affecting me for years (literally) and I've never figured it out. Many hours of testing and seeking info online. It's about time I ask for help. Collision bones and the SL shape sliders. I want to use the shape sliders with my custom mesh body. It's a regular bipedal human. The rigging/weight painting part isnt the problem. I have a lot of experience, but I need to test the collision bones inside Maya after I'm done. However, SL shape sliders scale the mesh in a way that I cant seem to replicate, so it's been an absolute guessing game. Trial and error to get anything right. I purchased Mayastar because it has features that replicate the SL sliders. Then I could see that the joints weren't actually being moved on the Mayastar fitted mesh skeleton. The BELLY joint (for instance) would move AND scale. Translation X +0.70 Y 0 Z -0.01 Scale X +0.156 Y +0.4 Z +0.3 It also moves/scales the PELVIS joint. I thought this would be the solution, and it worked better than just scaling up the joints, but when I uploaded a copy and tested the sliders in SL, the result was still different I dont want to work blindly on each collision bone and do 8000 tests, as it turns out lol. So, if anyone has any idea how this works, please... PLEASE offer advice. I tried my heart out and still failed.
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