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  1. so i had a curious question with the RTX graphics cards out now and more and more games supporting them with second life adding new things like bento and animesh will there ever be raid tracing support? i am looking into getting an RTX 2060 as all i really do is second life and a few games.. i cant evan image how good SL would look with raid tracing support is that evan something that's possible? i know a lot of stuff is viewer specific
  2. i dont know were this would fit in so i am poosting it here i have been wondering latly as i have seen in world a few lindens over the years and noticed they all had defualt avatars. are emplyees not aloud to customize their own avatars? and if say a normal user applys for a job at linden labs gets the job are they aloud to use their original account or do they have to delate it and make a linden account that cant be customized?
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