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  1. Nope when I check the side where the air comes out of it and it is not warm or hot at all. I have it always like this photo below and hocked up to a 37 Inch TV via HDMI. I have a laptop cooling fan sitting underneath the laptop which has 2 big fans in the laptop cooling fan. And why would it even overheat while watching something that takes up low memory of Netflix? What would be a low memory usage program to monitor the temperature while using it? It hasn't done it in awhile and I'm not sure why it did it, only thing new I installed was iTunes to put music on an iPod
  2. Nope I'm not wearing any Huds at all I have a Maitreya Body and Catwa Bento Head but have not gotten the Baked on Mesh yet
  3. Very true but then why would it only affect 2 avatars and not the total 4 that were on my screen? Like I said it is very odd. Odd question: Could it be cause the 2 that did it also have the baked on mesh added to there mesh avatar? It's just werid but Second Life does like to be werid sometimes
  4. Yeah they go blurry then sharp stay sharp for awhile then go blurry again that happens more then a few times but like I said it doesn't happen everyday mostly weekends. I'm standing right beside 2 people so there are 3 avatars on my screen have been logged in for an hour now and it hasn't done it once yet. Last night I was logged on for over 6 hours never did it once either so it's just weird when it does it.
  5. Yeah some nights it doesn't do it at all like last night .......... Last night it never did it even once for me at all and the person was wearing the same outfit clothes, shape, skin, etc of when it did it. It seems to be more of an issue on the weekend when there are more people on the SL Grid then anything even if there are only 3 people around me it will do it and then sometimes it won't like last night. I believer the non-imposter avatars I have set to 30 I will try turning it down to 20 and see if that does anything for me. Also I always have my world set to "Show Friends O
  6. No we are all just standing around and talking on voice and this happens sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it does 100 times then other times it doesn't do it at all its very weird.
  7. Hello Everyone So I been noticing that every once in awhile that textures re-baking on friends clothing or tattoos re-baking on friends skins and such more on the weekends then anything else but it sometimes does it during the week Please help me with getting this issue down so it doesn't happen as much Below is everything copied from under - About Firestorm - Info Firestorm 6.3.2 (58052) Sep 28 2019 09:08:31 (32bit) (Firestorm-Release) with Havok support Release Notes CPU: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (2195.88 MHz) Memory: 3543 MB
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