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  1. i was somewhere playing in my inventory.. i have soo much stuff.. and sometimes i just click wear... and well, i didnt see anything.. so i assumed it wasnt there... it was some kind of an "orb"... well.. before i even came to london.. i recieved a message from "****" i believe is her name... "that i was banned.. she wouldnt help me to understand.. and she muted me.. other than.. we dont even know each other.. i have been banned from all of london... what do i do?
  2. someone recently banned me from london.. i am rarely on here.. but i do when i get a chance.. i must have "worn" something in my inventory that was illegal or something.. because i got a message saying thaat i was "BANNED FROM LONDON." I had no idea... then i went to see what i was wearing.. and i had on some kin d of "orb".. so, i removed.. but.. still it was an accident, and I AM STILL BANNED.. ?? please help.. i m a good person... thanks... IVHONNA..
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