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  1. The Masquerade Ball was a hit with over 50 people who attended whom were members of 'The Great Alliance' realms. Thank you all that attended! Now the party is over let the games begin. We need you to help strengthen our borders!.... or perhaps try to take over *grins* Medieval/Fantasy D&D meets GOT! Spellfire/Omega Meter Combat sim NON-Combatant welcome! Many factions and guilds to choose from and many more on the way... here are just a few Qu'ellar d'Chath lu' Khaliizi is the Llothian Drow house of Dravendore. Your Ilharess is Zeld (Rosie Glendevon). Is also the High Cleric and leader of 'The Order of Divinity' (clerics guild) DreÚmbra is the Vampire coven of Dravendore. Your coven leader is Overlord of the Nine, Styx Ventrue (death.jestyr). Is also the Arch Mage and leader of 'The Order of Arcana' (mage guild) Quaráere is the Dragon group of Dravendore. You group leader is Najdin Crimsonmaine (gryphan). Is also the Commander of 'The Legion' (warriors guild) The Clan of Nyere is a clan and territory within Dravendore. Lei Pari (leipari) is the Lady of Elves and the clan leader. Your first steps into any faction you will be handed a scroll... do you have what it takes to climb the ranks, attempt to overthrow or sabotage its cause? to be loyal to its cause? are you a spy? or you might simply just exist. Feel free to contact any of the above in world for further information, or ME! If factions or guilds are not for you? We are a fully immersive free form RP Sim, the players create their own stories. Please be respectful of the sim rules and Lore. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dravendore/24/225/1086
  2. I have visited this sim and the build is very nicely done Great job to the builder, texturing is fantastic, Loved it!
  3. Old Medival/Fantasty reopens by popular demand? Well thats my story and im sticking to it, opens in the next few weeks, luring back the old and the new. D&D based with a touch of GOT for kicks. IM me in world for further details or leave a message and ill get in contact. Offering sneak peaks for cookies.
  4. Your very welcome and Welcome to Dravendore!
  5. Hi Rosabella, I will send you an Character Card in world, if I have not done so already that is. Please IM in world for a chat. *Respectfully Bows* Kellie Keystrel
  6. The arena was constructed after the first build of the castle. Many slaves lost their lives to surface the arena. First built to train a new breed of warriors. Legend has it the black army of assassins was trained by Draven himself in hopes to gain his revenge. Draven himself trained the first elite group. Death’s Hand Elite was born. They posses new skills and held some old. Much stronger than expected Draven was pleased and allowed the arena for games of war and other uses. The arena under went many changes through hundreds of years as Draven allowed them to train more elite warriors. Draven knew that he needed an edge and introduced a new aspect of the elite soldiers. He began diving into he black arts and trying to gain new skills to provide them. The passages underneath the arena lead atone time to a place of black arts. Draven was able to use the vampire un-dead mixed with the shadow skills of his family and gave birth to a new breed of warrior. One that could heal and use the shadows to aid them in movement and concealment. Masters at hand to hand and now as if by magic could adapt to any weapon they come into contact with. Draven continued this research but found after a while they became un-stable and would loose their minds. Killing each other, drinking blood from them selves, and killing anything in their path. So the floors and walls of the arena painted red with the blood and stench of madness. Walls fell, and the arena was to be buried along with the mad elites. Legend has it that one shadow mover the last of the kind was sent in to rid the land of the elites. One last elite, no one could understand why this one stand-alone did not faultier to the madness but instead grew with it. Given two hundred years to prepare Draven took it a pun himself to train him. Taking pride and almost a father son bond the spent hundreds of years training. Draven gave everything he knew along with the new skills. Once the blood bath ended and the stand alone stood covered in the redness and torn, dripping. Draven ordered him to be killed in fear that his powers were to great maybe even over passing his own. The arena was banned and bordered up until recently cleared out and sounds from the arena are alive again. Many wonder to whom and why it’s back and running again. *Page insert from Handun’s personal journal, a servant during the time of the blood war* Dravendore 2011 We are looking for people that want to RP and follow the story line of Dravendore. A medieval sim with fantasy, battles, and much more. Warriors are welcome many spots are open for guild leaders and people who just want to RP. We use Spell fire combat system. Feel free to contact me in world. With Honor, Lobo Sirnah & Kellie Keystrel http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Isle/122/50/305
  7. *The Book of "Myro's Spell's" Insert* *The Book is old, frayed, and dusty* Go'mer the Gray was apart of the old sect 'The Twelve Mages' , it's rumored the end of its very existence was in the under dwellings of Dravendore in a Spell Binders lair. The lair itself is said to be filled with ancient knowledge and energy, it is guarded and protected by old magic, magic of power and might. No one knows if its the Black Arts or the White Shield of Magic protecting this secret chamber, The Spell Binders Lair. Once Go'mer was trapped by Brayton ( A powerful Mage) and was cast away never to be heard of. Now, locked tight no one knows what lies beneath them. The chamber stands in wait for the ones that hold the key, the newest order to be able to un-earth the powerful lair. We await. Aruther Mannings account *Written in aged ink and the pages is old and yellow.* The heavy planks in the door ran vertical with its frame, the extra length in its hinges did not stop the sag as the door leaned slightly off its cast iron hinges. The gap between where the two doors meet reveals a hidden chamber? The walls and columns appear to be made of ancient stone that marks the carvings of a human...or was it? Its colors and etchings still look fresh, as if the inhabiter's could at any moment arrive in front of the very gap to peer back. However dust and webs cover the book lined shelves and the oil boilers stand silent waiting to be ignited which gives it a presence of abandonment. Over time the earth forced its way through the cracks in the wall to line some of its passageways, and an unidentified symbol covers a floor, its glow releases a white ora. The air is damp and cold that flows through this gap and over my skin. The doors are jammed shut and there is no obvious way to open them to get a closer look, what ever may be...its seems what ever lives here, is not here right now. Do you hold the key? http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Isle/237/96/77
  8. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Isle/122/50/305
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