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  1. I'll be another one that bites the *Premium* dust in 2020, not that I noticed much difference as far as *perks* being a *member* anyway. I'm not able to afford the jacked-up price for a 1024 space in SL which is not something I'd make much use of ... perhaps they could make this an optional feature for the extra money rather than mandatory? I barely get to my 512 SL *Home* as is. Personally, I can hardly afford the 72USD, so now I'll save not only 72USD but 99USD for me instead of them! Too bad they didn't have a *senior's discount* or something LOL. Oh well, it'll be their loss, not mine.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. As I had mentioned my sim is a mainland sim, Amethyst answered me best. I would like to know tho, it being mainland, will she (after buying that 1/2 of the sim) pay LL directly for tier?
  3. Due to lessened finances I am now having to sell 1/2 of my sim to a friend who will pay LL the tier fee for that half. How do I sell the land to her? Right now I have it parceled off and she's on the half she'll buy and I'm on my half. My half is under my group but I can't seem to change her 1/2 to her group, although I was able to change the parcel name it still shows under my group with nothing active to change groups. How do I sell her that half fo my mainland sim so she can pay LL directly for that half's tier? Not sure where I'm suppose to continue asking questions so I'll edit here to do that. Yes I have mainland sim ... with that in mind can she pay LL half the sim tier after I sell her that portion of the sim?
  4. k I'll keep that in mind Gaia, I am working my way through some tutorials so it's possible I didn't have it boned (rigged) right. I think I'm using the avatar.blend file from wizard's site, can't remember now! I'll send up another flair if the problem continues and I'm sure it's *not me* LOL Thanks for replying.
  5. Thanks for your replies. I'm *new* to this blender mesh stuff, not sure how I'd post my blender file. I can't remember where I got it either but it happens with several files, like if I export my xml (from Phoenix) and then import it into blender that one doesn't seem to save right. Or if I use an avatar.blend file (can't remember where I got it). I've tried a few things. How do I post the file for you to see?
  6. Ya, I'm having said problem. Works fine in blender, I followed Gaia's tut/video and everything works except when I go to u/l it to SL no weights or joints. Oddly enough I get them with the ready-made simplebot (got from LL's website). I even opened the blend of that and exported it as collada using Gaia's video as a guide and it u/l fine, got the weights & joints for it. Not sure what's wrong with my av or the default avatar.blend files ;o. I'm using Blender 2.61 and have the SL Collada installed as an add on.
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