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  1. It doesn't even show up anymore? I don't understand as this is my first time selling on the marketplace. I've sold 2 of my items & apparently it hasn't been available since January. Can anyone help me figure out what happened?
  2. I feel ripped off! I paid for a listing enhancement in Marketplace for my 1st product for 15 days. I have reviewed Marketplace every day (sometimes over 20 refreshes) to scroll through the Featured items postings on the home page, where my item should at some point show up, but it does not. I have read a Linden posting explaining about that each time I refresh, I will get another 20 random postings, but c'mon! How many times should I have to go through these Featured postings before at least spotting it once in 6 days? None of my friends have spotted the Featured posting either. Fatal Charm Spiral Staircase - 2 VersionsFeature this item on the home page (L$1,699 every 15 days)January 29, 2012February 13, 2012active I want a refund, but don't know how to get it. Can anyone help please?
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