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  1. I am having the issue of being able to rez upon my own land. I am not anywhere near the border, but i have notice it happens more often when trying to do so within a mesh structure ie house or skybox. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Right now, I too have the Mayfly mesh eyes, but was wearing Fashism for the longest time. Its not always easy to find the right brown, with some character to it and be not too dark or not too light! but, i do keep the same color shade always =)
  3. *grabby hands* MUST get DeCoy tops!! YAY!! I think Chance has turned me into a semi-shopoholic! I definately tend to lean toward girlier things, Not so much ruffles, but lace, pastels, PINK! I love flirty skirts, strappy or ribboned sandals and cami/tank tops. I dont always go for stripeys, but I do like a pretty floral and sometimes depending on my mood a super bold one!
  4. There is an old adage I like to stick by... If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Everyone has their own personal tastes in everything in life, as well as their own sense of style, preferences, and the like. To be honest, I would prefer to see more quirky and fun posts rather than the same ole same ole that you see so often. Chance, this was very much your own brand of style which, while may not appeal to everyone, on the whole is always well put together, and no one knows better than I the thought, planning, and painstaking perfection you strive for in each and every photo. As always, WELL DONE! For this particular post, I loved your use of the spring colors, put together in that uniquely Raynierish way. Each look gives some great ideas for how to use them, and someone could easily come along and say.. "Oh hey.. I have a shirt like that one,.. I could put it with (insert kind of pants here) and OH I forgot I had this.. (insert random accessory here) and put together my own look from that one! " Your versatility and diversity show through in every shot, and your fashion sense unparalleled. Thank you, for sharing this part of you with us all.
  5. OK Mr. Raynier :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: As we were just talking, I thought of a few things for this question in the forum today, which by the way I am very proud of you for participating in. First would be: Quality mens jewelry. Granted I have found a few here and there that I have managed to get you some great things with, but I would love ot have more options! Secondly: Mesh Jeans FOR MEN that will fit. Third: This would probably go for anything, but more things with the option of buying as transferable. It is very hard to buy a gift for someone (well hard for me to buy you) when I can not transfer it to you. As you notice, unless we are out shopping, you very rarely get clothing items from me. Womens tend to be transferable more often. I think that covers it for now, but I am sure as I think of more, I will add it through the day .. Great job, mon amour! ~Gabriella Raynier
  6. Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry!! I do also like the occasional scarf, and have some beautiful ones from Zaara that I love to add. Also *BOOM* had a few lovely ones that I purchased not long ago. My jewels, as you have stated are normally the different Earthstones collections you have gotten me :matte-motes-inlove: and of course my wedding set from L&B Another way I love to accessorize is shoes. The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit! I am SO into my boots, but then again, with spring coming, the open toed pumps, espadrilles and sandals are going to be my shoes of choice.. OR, Barefoot!! =) Personally, I am not one to carry a purse or bag in SL. Guess I like hands free lol. I do however love hair that has accessories to it, or available like headbands, or hair clips to color to match your outfit. That is always fun! Great questions, Chance!! :matte-motes-kiss:
  7. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have :matte-motes-big-grin: I do so love the way mesh moves with a body, but have found that "standard size" does not always mean... well.. standard size. It will be much better I think when they do finally get a set size, or the mesh deformer thing so that so much adjusting doesnt have to be done to ones avi with every outfit put on. One other thing I dont like about it, is ill fitting alpha layers, that for instance, when a female sits in a short skirt, she looks as if she has lost her body, completely. So for me, while I find mesh clothing to look stunning in some instances, (ie no longer the need for prim skirt) it still has a little way to go before I think I'd be comletely happy with it. It has definately improved over the course of the last couple of months though! Creators are getting good at it!! YAY!
  8. *laughs* My look has changed quite a bit since my original rez day... however, I have always kept the brown eyes and long dark hair... Its interesting though to look back and see!! Great post!!..
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