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    I already asked about graphic card SVGA Nvidia 730 2 Gb...now the seller is suggesting GTX 750, or a ATi one. These are the features of GTX 750: Model: ZT-70701-10M Interface Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16 (Compatible with 1.1) Chipset Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Core clock: 1033 MHz (base) 1111 MHz (boost) Cores: 512 Shader Clock: N/A Memory Memory Clock: 5000 MHz Memory Size: 1GB Memory Interface: 128-bit Memory Type: GDDR5 3D API DirectX: DirectX 11.2 (feature level 11_0) OpenGL: OpenGL 4.4 Ports DVI: 2 HDMI: 1 (mini-HDMI) DisplayPort: N/A VGA: With included adapte
  2. Is SVGA NVIDIA 730 2GB good for second life? If there are better ones may i have a suggestion? Thank you
  3. I noticed that a friend, who is in my list of friends in second life, doesnt appear in the list of friends that i see in second life web page...i am not meaning that i dont see him online or offline, i mean that his name doesnt appear at all in the list of webpage. This can happen if he decided to prevent me from seeing if he is online or not? Thank you.
  4. I occasionally play as dj, using virtual DJ broadcaster. It happens that music skips or stop for some seconds. These are the settings of my pc: Windows 7 32 bit. - AMD Athlon 64x2 Dualcore - 2048 MB ram- AMD RADEON HD 7700Series Might it depend on my pc or on some settings of my s/l? I use Phoenix viewer and lately increased my internet connection to 20MB but the problem didnt disappear. One more thing: i am planning to change computer and buy a MAC, with these settings: intel core i5 quad-core 2,9Ghx- Turbo Boost up to 3,6 Ghz - 8GB Ram - Hard disk 1TB- NVIDIA GeForce with 1GB. Thank you
  5. Is it possible to reset to zero the avatar age? I would like to have a kind of "restart" but without loosing everything.
  6. Is there any problem about streaming music? Yesterday and before i could stream music from my computer (using winamp and shoutcast), today it is impossible
  7. Is there any problem with voice chat recently? I have no voice with s/l viewer 2 and phoenix (voice button not active), i have voice, but sometimes only, with singularity.
  8. Is it possible to have a skybox over the land i got as premium membership?
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