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  1. There is no problem till someone notices there is one Hahaha. Its as easy as adding a single new variable. Its no biggie plus you are also giving old users something i doubt they will complain about. After all you can only remove years between a very limited range, and its optional.
  2. Im not saying ovewrite the age variable. No need for that. Im just saying add a "fake age" variable for profile only where u can only remove some years but never able to make it look younger than 5 years old. That fake age is just a front on profile. All scripts will not use that new variable.
  3. Hmm, that you dont like it doesnt make it terrible. Thats just your point of view. Ive never mixed role-play in the equation either. Im talking about actual deceive. The info should still be accesible via scripts though, but not visible at a glance. So its not like you have no way to find out. Still you need to take your time for it. Also instead of hidding it, maybe being able to remove some years will do. (Only able to remove and never able to add) just on profile view while actual age is kept and accesible via scripts.
  4. You dont need to know the year i joined for that, do you?
  5. So taking into consideration that after so long there is no solution to this im coming up with an idea. Accounts older than 5 years should get an option to hide sl birth on profile. That way you cant tell if the account is 15 years old or just 5. And you can get by telling lies to everyone. Hahaha
  6. My account is probably 13 or 14 yo by now. (Cant remember cos its been many years since i last logged) So if i wanna play under age ill go with i joined when i was 3 year old.
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